(I)EN-Who is this weird guy and whats this all about?

(I)Who is this weird guy and whats this all about???!!!

Hi! I am the weird guy, Rafa, and what this is all about my dream to become a Poke-Master..I mean…to travel the world and always have something to look back on  and hopefully to inspire some others to break through the idea that its not worth trying to persue your real dreams!!! 🙂 I am 23 and have lived in many countries thanks to my father´s job and my mother´s energy in making us learn languages and travel while we are young. I lived in Holland, where I was born, the United States(Washington DC), Belgium(Mons) and Russia(Moscow) thanks to my father´s job as a Dutch Military-Attache in different embassies in those countries. For the other half of my life I have lived in Spain, my mother´s birthplace and have lived a year abroad with the Erasmus project in Germany(Aachen) and 4 months in Switzerland (Zürich) working as an Au-Pair(I know, unusual for a guy, right?) I have travelled quite a lot more. Portugal, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Roumania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco…. I only count these because they are the countries I feel I visited “enough” to be considered checked. Walking into a border and leaving or visiting just a capital city of a country is not visiting it for me… When I mean visiting I mean many cities, make some social life with the locals and try the local alcohol 😉 I study Business Management. I’m about to finish and my future is all but certain to me. I feel quite lost and struggling between living the life we are all expected to lead or go for a less, lets say, typical lifestyle, my real dreams.

Lets at least give our dreams a good try…!

I love sports. Specially football(soccer for Americans!). I LOVE partying. Some of the best and funniest stories come out of parties! I like reading and lets be realistic..I like spending some time on the computer and watching movies. I am a quite normal guy in that sense..

I have a loving family, which like all families, has its “little things”. My parents are hard-working and ambitious people who have given us a comfortable life. They worked their asses off for it! My older brother is a computer game lover and my little brother is, as I would put it, my 2.0 version. He loves travelling, sports, partying and having a huge social life like I do…but he has always been a step forward in self-discipline when it comes to studying. I have, for many years now, been active in NGO´s and tried to help out… Currently I am trying to help Iris Sxhy out in starting an awesome solidary project! Wish us luck! I have also been quite active with the best student organisation in Europe, AEGEE, and probably had most of my most freaky, crazy and weird experiences in it, plus getting to know many of my friends and some people who are the most amazing examples in living it up to the max! For the last I´ve been starting out with meditation through Peacerevolution.com. It is really worth it! 🙂

My life was a long succession of moving to different places, schools, new friends and new atmospheres. The only thing that stayed mostly stable is my family. This way of living and travelling might have been what has pushed my little brother and myself to travel as much as possible and be very open and talkative people. In some moments of my life I have felt that I couldn’t stay in one place or situation very long. I wanted to move out..go somewhere new, meet new people and experience new cultures around there. Let´s say that it has moulded my way of being.

So here I am..with  an inflexion point in my life soon to come. For the moment the only thing I really do see clearly is that whatever I do, I want to travel very much. After studies, before studies or whatever. With money and a good career of without it…whatever. So now you understand a little bit about what my dream is about. Travelling now that I’m young,trying to live my life to the max and have a blog where I can always come back and read about it. I want to try all kinds of things and have an incredible story to tell when people ask me. Hopefully Ill be able to tell people that they should try it…because…its worth the try. Rafa cant.stop.dreaming.awake

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6 Responses to (I)EN-Who is this weird guy and whats this all about?

  1. Lorena says:

    Rafa soy tu fan número 1!!! Eres el amo, de mayor quiero ser como tú sigue posteando cositas interesantes y divertidas y no te olvides de los mesecitos de Suiza!!!

  2. can’t stop dreaming awake – I’m just loving the title!!! And also feeling pretty hyped up after reading the first post…you have my expectations high up for a motivational blogreading 😉 ……by Liina 😉

  3. Anono says:

    joder Rafiña, me encanta lo craizy que estás tio ! 😉 Intentaré seguir todas tus aventuras sin dudarlo!! y puede que a alguna de ellas hasta me apunte jajaj, A seguir soñando y viviendo la vida, que está para eso !! Un abrazo!

  4. Fran says:

    Hey Rafa & Gabi, que envidia me dais! Ojalá tuviera vuestra edad y os pudiera acompañar en vuestras correrías! Aprovechad todo lo que podáis y ser malos, muuuuuu malos, jejejejeje

  5. rafavoa says:

    Gracias! Seguro que de joven tu también las liabas pardas Paco! Y seremos todo lo malos que nos dejen ellas! 😛

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