(II) EN- Tuesday 19. The beginning. Cantabria-Madrid.

Tuesday 19. The beginning. Cantabria-Madrid
Today we will arrive to the starting point of our epic trip to Rumania and Bulgaria. After much searching in Blablacar (organized and very easy hitchhiking)for somebody driving by car from Madrid to Cantabria and having 3 free seats, we found a very nice and full of life lady called Virginia. Good luck to begin!
We prepared our backpacks with a minimum of clothes and material comforts, but not leaving behind my cooking appliances, I met Virginia and 20 minutes later we picked Gabri and Toño up in Torrelavega. Then we picked up the last person who would travel with us by car to Madrid in Arenas de Iguña, Rebeca. It is good to know that, in this little village, is located the great mansion where the film “The Others”, with Nicole Kidman, was filmed. It is really impresive! Furthermore, there is also there an exact copy of the Greek Pantheon! Few people, even in Cantabria, know this!
We felt already the nerves and trepidation that always come with travelling. We started with jokes, silly stories and easy laugh. But the best was the conversation, motivating and inspiring, we had with Virginia and Rebecca, that helped me to write down a list of new books to read. I am only a young man living his dreams to the extreme, travelling light and getting in the mood for it!
Some hours later we were already in Madrid meeting Fran. The time had come to organize the trip a little bit. We spent the afternoon talking, having coffee and making copies of the planning. We arranged that, upon our arrival, we would keep on travelling until we reached Cluj-Napoca, would visit the city and then Targu Mures, go down to Brasov and Sibiu and get to Transilvania, driving to Bulgaria, Plovdiv and the Dacian villages and go up again to Timisoara, where we had landed, to visit that city as well.
At night we decided to take a beer and go to sleep to be somewhat rested and 100% fit for the next day. After a dinner in which we ate all leftovers and everything that could get rotten in the fridge, with Natillas, Gabri’s flat roommate, we took a beer (or calimotxo) and then some more. Yina, a friend of mine from AEGEE from the Summer University of Eskesehir in Turkey came also to pay a visit. It was nice after months without seeing each other!
Fran ended up spending the night with his on/off girlfriend, and Gabri and I discussing politics with Toño as a moderator. Of course, alcohol did not helped anyone to become a better debater! Finally we went to sleep at 4,00 A.M. while Gabri stayed behind to play beer-pong with Eric, his American colleague. There is really nothing more American than that game!
By the way, we all were half sick and brewing viruses, perfect to travel in a small closed car through Rumania and Bulgaria.
The plans are made and we have motivation to spare! The group fits perfectly and this is going to be legen…. AGARRAROS!!!
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