(III) En-Wednesday 20.Flight! Madrid-Timisoaria. Cluj Napoca.

awhhh fuck…! so… sleepy…
Why can’t we simply go to sleep? We have to finish buying provisions for the trip: snacks (chorizo and fuet), gifts for whomever is going to lodge us (jamón serrano) and supplies for my small stove (instant soups, stock, ramen, etc). It is an expensive investment initially, but it pays off, because it allows you to spare some stops in restaurants, bars, etc. Furthermore…who are we kidding? One week without chorizo…is a no-go.
Toño and I went to visit one of my best friends, Carlos Valladolid, whose family almost has to adopt me given the number of times I sleep at their place. Gabri and Fran went to finish packing their things.
Toño and I were able to show our incredible gift with cooking, making kilos of pasta with meat, cheese and tomato. Then we went to visit my uncle Paco and asked him to take us to the airport. He never fails us and does everything for us. If God is keeping account on what I owe him he should send me a private message to Facebook telling me……
We were bursting with nerves, because even though I have travelled a lot lately, I almost never do it together with 3 people, with a rented car and with the expectations I had on my new stove and material! Fran was having orgasms thinking about the trip, almost jumping up and down all the time with excitement.
Already in the airport, with time to spare, Gabri and Toño were searched thoroughly because of their beards and their obvious similarities with Al-Qaeda terrorists. 
The first setback of the trip was when we realized they have reduced considerably the size of the suitcases that are allowed to get into the cabin without extra pay. Beware of Wizzair! Nowadays Ryanair standard size suitcases are not for free anymore with Wizzair. Now they have to be even smaller. They took people out at random from the line to check wether the bags could fit in the “death box”, Toño was the lucky one, and he had to pay the tupidest, most un-fair 30€ in the history of aviation. No need to say that none of us would have passed the test either. Get ready for the trip back..(gulp)
Gabri seduced during the flight a guy who was involved in all kinds of problems with justice in Spain for construction matters and for not paying his workers. Nice guy, but he presented us Rumania as a desolated and dangerous place. Son of a bitch!
Finally we landed in Rumania at 24.00…and… surprise Spanish tourists!!!!!!

 FUCKING COLD! We tried to get back into the plane just in case it was travelling to Ibiza next, but there was not such luck. When we went to get our rental car, the usual happened: costs previously unknown, non valid credit card in Rumania, the car they offered is not the one we had agreed on, we had to pay an extra fee for this and another for that..Well, at the end we started to learn how things worked there when the owner “pardoned” us some fees, and he laughed when we asked him about the motorways in Rumania which pretty much dont exist.The normal roads we would have to take are a succession of petrol stations every 200 meters and trucks overtaking series of 4 or 5 cars at a time…scary as hell!

It took Fran 10 minutes to start the engine (it was the “starting” button, suspiciously), and then we started to hit the road with our beautiful Passat without insurance. It will become our transportation means, our kitchen, dinning room, hotel, closet everything for the next 7 days. In the middle of the night and through the early hours of the morning we kept on drivng the Rumanian “motorways”, changing the drivers each couple of hours to cover all the distance we had to make during the trip…
The best that night was dinner with fuet and bread from the chinese grocery shop while we were freezing close to a church underway…
We reached Cluj-Napoca at 07:00 in the morning. We were all broken. We parked in the very same central square and after Gabri and Fran came back from a walk we all went to sleep…we were dead…
Now the real fun is coming! We are already in Rumania, in our first destination: Cluj-Napoca!
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  1. Wow! I am actually very surprised, the blog is very good. It actually give everyone who read a good idea of how the trip really was. A lot of effort has been put in the making of this blog!

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