Eng-Incredible Article!

This is a great article that I found while jumping from one site to another looking for inspiration and some good advice. I found exactly what I wanted but at the same time didn´t want. The author(the longest way home) takes on the question of travelling as a way of “running away” from something and postponing the “real world”. My heart flitched and I got scared of reading it. You never want to read articles that might say you are a dumb dreamer. But I had to do it.

The article is quite long. Maybe for people who dont travel much and dont have the idea of doing it soon its pretty boring but for AEGEE people and travellers it might be worth the read. It really made me think.


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One Response to Eng-Incredible Article!

  1. Eveli says:

    It was interesting to read. I liked the ending, it made sense.

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