(IV) Eng-Thursday 21 Cluj-Napoca. The first change of plans! And the guilty one is…


Good God, we slept through and forgot about the time. It is already 11! First of all, a coffee jump-start, I am not talking about waking up..Im talking about coming back to life…and…how about those bar-maids! Wow! BOOM! This is a good start!

Main Orthodox Church of Cluj

Main Orthodox Church of Cluj

We start out visiting the city and it looks like it’s going to be just the same thing that happened to me in the summer when I travelled along the coast of the Black Sea in Rumania: every building, house and street are extremely ugly, but churches are beautiful and well taken care of! If you go there you have to go inside the churches, both the Catholicand the Orthodox ones. They are old and nice!

the Saint of CLuj

The first impressions are that girls are way more pretty than men, the big differences between the few modern buildings and the very old residence buildings, how grey everything is, how little patience drivers have and that people speak better English than we had expected.

I am personally impressed by the amount of people hitchhiking! You always see them in the outskirts of cities and villages with their thumbs up!. Young, old, men and women. I have even read that there are places specially assigned for them! I take note of it for my next trip to this region.


After walking around for some time, through beautiful, though not very green, parks and touristic streets and squares, we meet an AEGEE girl, Alexandra, who will take us to a good place to eat. The surprise was that another 3 people came along: Raluca, Vlad and Anka.

883517_10151503585658960_895259220_o (1)

We ate in a small place where typical food was served. We chose a small dish that nobody was able to pronounce. For people who know a little over Asturian cuisine…imagine a fabada inside a closed bread. Very nice, although we all know what happens after eating a fabada…..


In order to digest the food, a beer was strictly necessary. And we screwed up. After a short while, the girls told us that there was a party in which the shots costed 0,40€!. It was too tempting. After an extremely short thinking we decided to go. A change of plans! No Targu Mures!. Anyway, they say it is so ugly…We slept at Ale´s, a friend of the girls. We only had to buy something to drink. The rest, they cared for!


After trying to do a botellón* under the rain and that nor Gabri nor Fran were even able to open their wine bottles, we went into the disco. What a night! Rumania is different! There, the boys strike on the girls without any ceremony, tact or subtlety! Many people wanted to talk to us because we were Spaniards, a brutal fight, Fran soaking us all throwing water from the bathroom, some night romances and a lot of laughter and alcohol!! A night to remember… aaaaaaaaawesome! I mean AWESOME!

*botellón is a Spanish word which we use to name the act of drinking on the streets with friends with tons of alcohol to “heat up” before hitting the disco´s. Always strictly necessary because it makes nights out cheaper and funnier!

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  1. omarian87 says:

    Dang man, that freaking bread bowl soup looks freaking amazing.

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