(V) Eng-Friday 22. Day on the Road. Sibiu



Sleeping on a bed was great….unfortunatelly this is the first and only day that we will sleep in one, probably…


Generally speaking, it is a boring day. A lot of driving and not much more. We want to go down to Transilvania, and that means a lot of time on the road. Furthermore, 100Km in Rumania may very well mean 1, 2 or 7 hours. Google maps gave us a lot of false hopes when we made our plans!


We made a very short stop in a village close to Turdas that looked as if a religious sect was living there. The only thing to see were churches and the only thing to hear were religious songs….Bad sensations… really weird. If you saw the movie Silent Hill…we were there…!


It was already dark when we visited Sibiu. A couple of nice squares and a piece of old city walls. Not much more. But we had to see something that day, didn´t we?


The only remarkable thing was that we almost got killed by an idiot overtaking in the opposite direction. Thanks God Gabri was able to miss it by milimeters. If he had not been concentrated there would be nothing more to write…


In the wee hours of the morning we reached Brasov after going through a snow storm that left us trembling. Sleeping in the car at minus 5 degrees…TERRIBLE.

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