(VII)ENG-Sunday 24. VELIKO TARNOVO-PLOVDIV. I hate cows! Rakija!

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Sunday 24. VELIKO TARNOVO-PLOVDIV. I hate cows! Rakija!


We slept in Veliko Tarnovo after a night journey to be prepared to visit whatever we had to as soon as the sun would rise(Read this again with Bane´s voice…). We went to see the ruins of a Tracian village, with its little church. It is worth it if you are interested in history. But once again, the village itself is nothing.


Then we took the way to Plovdiv. Now the scenery was really beautiful, once you got out of the villages. All around there are mountains and dark green never-ending fields.

DSCF3169We all faced our deaths and got white hairs for a couple of seconds when we almost killed a cow in a rural road. We saw the money of our deposit for the car dissapear and our lives passed in front of our eyes in the form of quick photo slides….Thanks God we missed the cow by centimeters and we avoided its head to break into our screen!

DSCF3174After driving around through Plovdiv and asking some people, we reached the historic center. We found very interesting the ruins of the roman circus and the arquitecture of some houses, which mixed woods painted in many different colors. Its worth the visit!

For dinner we felt like being somewhat exquisite. After sleeping in the car for 3 days and having washed ourselves only one day in a fountain with ice in a mountain road some hours before Plovdiv, and after eating only bread with fuet or paté and always being cold…we deserved it!


We dined typical Bulgarian dishes. The best are the Trakian Patates (Tracian potatos), that I strongly recommend, which consist in a potpourri of potatos, onion, bacon an a delicious melted Bulgarian cheese. Scrumptious!. Also Taratar soup, a cold soup that, to some people aquainted with Turquish cuisine, it will remind them of Ayran, and the Triip soup, which uses a lot of oil an pepper and its special ingredient, tripe, pork tripe, that is! Lastly, we loved the bread, toasted with oil, salt and pepper. It sounds simple, I know, but…it was so delicious!

DSCF3208We ate a lot of meat, we took some beers and ended up happy to have tasted such a rich an abundant food. We had taken a couple of beers each but we decided to have some afterdinner with a couple of Pivos (beer) more, plus some typical country drink, the Bulgarian Rakija, that people who have travelled through center Europe will recognise as akin to national drinks of Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, etc.

DSCF3213You have to try it! It is very strong! The best is to taste home made Rakija. They use to make it in bath tubes or very big containers with fruit, and it can have a content of alcohol varying from 35 to 60/70 degrees. The funny thing is that with the Rakija made at home you never know how many degrees it has! It depends of your facial reaction upon drinking it.


If somebody ever asks me, one day I will tell about my experiences with this satanic alcohol, almost a brother of the Hungarian and Rumanian Palinka. ….Agh!

We all were very “happy” by now, and our best idea was to buy a bottle of Rakija, with the very last few notes we had of Bulgarian money, to go on trying it…we ended up telling each other about love-life, girls and all kind of issues…bless alcohol, always bringing sincerity to conversations and relationships.


At some moment during the night we went back to our multipurpose car to sleep….at SOME moment…Rakija will do it again for me…score must be 6-0 by now….


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  1. omarian87 says:

    It’s really sad but I completely forgot how Bane’s voice sounds, so I had to google it and then read those sentences again haha.

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