(VII)Eng-TUESDAY 26. back to TIMISOAR! A BED, PLEASE!!!!!!!


so…how many hours did it take us….?



16 DAMNED HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damned Rumanian roads! Damned inexistent lighting in THE ONLY motorway! Damned snow! Damned mist! Damned truckers! And damned border from hell!

We arrived in zombie mode. Dirty, sweaty, tired and not feeling very well. We would not stand another night in our beloved/hated car…


We went directly to a hostal that had been recommended to us by some of Gabri’s friends and we left Fran in coma lying in bed while we took off 4 layers of dirt in the shower. So many days with hardly any change of clothes, sweating, eating and drinking in the car…imagine..or better don’t …

The Hostel, Hostel-Costel in Hostalworld.com is marvellous. The people in charge are wonderful and very easy going. Almost in the center of the city and at a good price. Further more, there was an X-box with the FIFA 12, a fridge with beers and gratis Palinka, the local killer alcohol, (this we did not yet know, although we kind of suspected it, but this would become a key factor, start speculating…..) And then there were the house pets: Bronco, a very nice dog, and a bipolar she cat, Opt…

After some hours of intense anti parasite treatment, food other than bread with fuet or pate and playing a couple of FIFAs (there was a very tight and thrilling Racing de Santander-Celta de Vigo that ended up with Gabri winning Fran in the penalties by a minimmum), we arranged to meet Oana, a friend of a friend of Gabri from last summer in Nefesehir, Capadocia, who took us around the city.


Andrew joined us. He is an extremely tall American, not very talkative(in the beginning) but FULL of stories after a couple of hours, who has an adventurous heart and a lot of courage, because he was travelling through the Balcans by himself, in hostals and couchsurfing, without preparing anything except for a couple of days in advance. A big example and a super friendly guy….


Our American Bro!

This time, yes! We loved Timisoara! Full of parks and squares, churches from all kind of Christian confessions and official buildings. Tomisoara is really a nice city. As the rest of the cities in the country, it also has all those buildings tetris-concrete-comunist style, but with a big improvement.

We tried to understand the difference between the “normal” Orthodox Churches and the Serbian Orthodox while we went to a restaurant to dine something typical Rumanian with Oana, Andrew and Michela, another summer friend of Gabri.

We dined at 18:30, but we ate like gods. We were taken to a Timisoaran Brewery, The Factory. Meat and potatoes everywhere together, once more, with a kind of “Fabada Asturiana”, this time without meat, traditional Rumanian sausage with honey mustard (incredible), a kind of Bulgarian Patanik with less cheese, a bad copy of chorizo and 2 big special The Factory beers apiece. The best, the price: 6€ each!.

We strongly recommend the food and the beer there. And no whining there. No 20, 25 or 30cl beers. You take half litre or you get the hell out of there! Romania doesn´t play around!

Our tongues were more loose by now thanks to the beers and good companies , and we went to a supermarket to prepare ourselves for the night. When we reached the hostal we “seduced” some Lithuanians to come with us and we tought them many Spanish drinking games . When we started to get short of beer, we got into…(droll of drums) Palinka!We will NEVER learn….

Night diluted in a sea of shots, laughs and memories. Finally Gabi was able to see his friend Vlad (whom, for one reason or other, I would be calling Vlad Tepes all night long) after months of absence.

Night ended with exchange of facebook adresses, promises of fututre meetings and bear hugs. A good group, a good night…and the American and the Lithuanians were very funny being so drunk, and they had to get up so early in the morning…


And then, the blessed of the blessed, our muse, our godess, our well deserved reward, finally….a bed…..zZzZzZzZ

some didnt even get to their beds…

step one…(notice his hand going for the Palinka…)


step two….(nigga-rapper mode on…)


step three!


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