We woke up late, drowsy and still sleepy. Shit. The American is still in bed. We hope he is at least still breathing… Im trying to think that it´s not our fault that he missed his bus,…but….I can´t help feeling slightly responsible…

Shower! Coffee! Breakfast! Suitcase! Coffee! Who scored against France in the Spain-France match? Pedrito? Olé….and yet another coffee!

We sadly said goodbye one more time to Andrew. This time for real. Total Walking Dead. We also said farewell to the guys who manage the hostal, to Bronco, to the bipolar she cat….

We suffered a lot of stress looking for a gas station and having the deposit more than half hour in the reserve mode. We saw ourselves already pushing our loyal Passat and maybe loosing our flight. Finally we could fill up the tank and cleaned the car (difficult task, hard to believe the amount of shit which had accumulated). We suffered 2 extra heart attacks when trying to give the car back, when we were told first that it had several scratches behind and then when they asked us wether we passed the Bulgarian border. Thanks God Gabri and I could explain everything and escaped paying an extra fortune.

But the airport kept on giving us white hairs. Wizzair, with its new regulations about luggage, allowing only a ridiculously small hand bag, charged Gabriel and again Toño an extra amount of money. Good God….

To make the story short, I can say that, back in Madrid, we had a great time for 2 days in order to finish up our sorry state and our sleep shortage….

The trip had ended….we have to start thinking on the next one. Before the summer, will we have time?. Studies, exams….the eternal Damocles sword hanging over my head.

I will know soon…

FOR THE MOMENT…goodbye Romania and Bulgaria….see you SOON!

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