ENg-100 Things Challenge.

(Im going to write down the exact thing that I wrote in my notebook where I write all my stupid ideas and thoughts lately)
Today was a usuall completely weird day. 13th June 2013 I think. Aw hell, just a sad/weird conversation with my ex over the phone(typical). And one, two of five coffees too much. Can´t get to sleep. My head is going on and on over things like crazy! Naiara also gave me the books today: “Vagabonding”, “Do travel Writers go to hell”, and

The idea in this  book is a guy who gets rid of a lot of the shit he has around his home and that he feels is pulling him away from what really matters in life. He writes about consumerism and wanting to live a simpler, more concious life without so much baggage. Very interesting topic and quite funny to read! The guy lives a year stripped down to 100 personal possessions! THe idea…is great! It goes right in to the lines of what Im thinking lately. If you want to be able to travel..you are going to have to be able to bring much of what´s most important for you in your backpack. Cant bring a whole truckload of shit with you!

Can´t get to f*cking sleep so I started reading… 4 pages or so. Didn´t read anything important yet! Don´t worry! I haven´t forgotten my idea of writing down MY OWN idea of the 100 thing challenge before  reading the book and maybe later taking some of theideas from the book…

I guess that the time is kind of “right”…I am sad at the moment but also in a good mood to make a kind of “BOOM!” change. Something big while feeling/motivation is high…

So, my own version of the 100 Thing Challenge… What am I thinking about? 100 things as in 100 objects or possessions? SHould I mix principles and ethical guidelines in it? I´m already doing a bucketlist and an objective-visualization notebook… what the heck!? Seems to be that I´ll just have 10 different places where I write these dumb weird things down…

Nah, I guess this should be about THINGS. My Bucketlist is something very different, It´s about experiences I wan´t to live. My visualization-objective notebook is just like short term objectives that I need a constant reminder about. More like life goals than “doing bunjee jumping”. This new challenge has to be about THINGS as in OBJECTS.

I have already thought about this idea quite much. In a big generalized way… I have already been going in this direction…right? I have got rid of tons of things I didn´t really need and I have done a good job about it too! What do I really have? Some few things and then lots of memories…

But most of them have a good use. I think that I have already shifted to a more pragmatic-intelligent-careful-maybe-spiritual way of thinking and living. I have to say that I´m getting to a level where it´s going to be really hard to leave things out of the list! Because I already disposed of the generaly un-needed shit!

So… a list of “things”. It sounds easier than it is. Is one pen one “thing” and another pen “another thing”? Because if so…agarrate.

Maybe I should just befin with the easy “cant-live-without-things” and then Ill see where the problems come! SO here goes:

Tomorrow Ill write in the next part! It starts to get kind of weird crazy from here on…. just saying!
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