ENg-The 100 Thing Challenge nº2!!!

Just in case this is new to you: I´m doing my own little “100 Thing challenge” experiment. The idea is to strip down possessions untill I live with what I need and dont have a whole bunch of “things” just standing around without being used.
-Why?! Rafa that´s so hippie and stupid and unnecessary!!!

Well my minions…although it´s quite true that its a bit hippie I really don´t think this is a stupid idea, and unnecessary…that´s debatable! Let me explain: I am moving in a direction of more spirituality, meditation, self-developement and learning more about myself. This all sounds really weird and hippie(like I already said :P) but it´s a very important step towards getting ready for long-term travel and making the best out of my life. Thats the reason that this is important for me.
So…here I go again with where I left the post yesterday. If you haven´t read the first post yet…just scroll down! 😀
Ok Rafa, here goes!
Laptop(1). Although here I should be veeeery careful. It´s slowly taking too much time off of my day…I check my mail, Fb, read news, and a huge etc…)
Swiss-knife(2) that the Aellig Family gave me for my birthday back in Switzerland. Can´t imagine living without it!
Damn I´m happy I´m making this list! I would love to tell people!!(I actually wrote this, Im not shitting you guys!) Sounds weird but writing it down makes me feel more ready to do it in real life!
Shitty e-book(3)! Not the best one in the market but hey…It´s so useful when travelling!
My travelling backpack(4)! My lovely beautiful great and awesome orange backpack. This one is the most important one because I once dreamt that I would be able to fit in all my possessions into it. Woke up and though…”how”?. No idea….
My 100000 year old MP3(5) and shitty earphones. Sounds like a good one to put into the list..
Are the earphones nº6 though? Nah, I guess not. They are part of the mp3. Can´t use either one without the other.
The phone(6) is a tricky one. I´ll have to get back to it later for sure to explain!
Ok. Just found another problem. My books?! I have already given most of the ones I dont read away to “La Tienda Solidaria” or to my family and friends..but all the other ones are really important to me. I guess they should stay and camp-base(my parents house) and just not count!
But what should count is my cook-book(7), this freaky-thought bloc/notebook(8) where I´m writing this and my visualization-objectives notebook(9) and, lets say, a generic big notebook(10) for other uses..
The watch(11) my father gave me. It´s no big thing(in case someone is reading this and thinking of mugging me :P). After a crazy night out I broke the plastic covering the dials anyway! But it still “tics” and the broken “perroflauta/hippie” look on it..just doesn´t make it any worse!
The compass(12) my mother gave to me as a present. I could get myself lost in my own bathroom, let alone in a foreign city with a map and the compass. I would find my way in it even if my life depended on it…but…its a great gift and a very simbolic one! Let´s hope a modern GPS doesn´t get in its way…
The elastic-bands(13-14-15) I use for excercise. I use all 3 of them but they are actually one idea and used for one purpose…bah..forget it. 3 items 3 “things”. SheiBe.My current-future sleeping bag(16). The Quick-dry travelling towel(17) the Aellig family got me. I´ve got another one though. Have to give it away… It makes a good present!
Moms I-PAD1(18). Its not a bad machine. Its a useful tool when travelling . If I could get a better one I would..but for the moment being…
My shitty camera(19).
Ok, Im counting my 3 pens, mechanical pencil and 2 markers as one.(20)
Whatever, fair enough. My 4 hitch-hiking board making markers go in another slot. 4 but 1 purpose.(21)
How about my medium sized COCA-COLA repaired-from-the-dead back-pack(22). Yeah, a keeper! And the purple mini travelling backpabk(23)!
Ok. Of course, my wallet(24).It needs a chain..and its all ripped up inside..but it still does its job.
Hmmmm I´d LOVE to have an instrument to add here but I can´t…I suck so badly at playing the guittar…I shoul´d start again…but untill I do..its not an object I possess!
Ear-plugs(25). I NEVER thought they could be so useful! Sleeping in a student flat..with a friend who has a “noisy” girlfriend…(if you know what I mean) has never been so easy..+meditation! My cat decides to kill my ear-plugs every few weeks when I forget to hide them but whatever..
My mini-cologne bottle(27), tooth brush(18), AXE(29), my little sand.clock thing to keep my showers quick(30), the old memory stick(31) my older brother gave me, the computer head-set for skyping(32)…
Oh and probably the most inspiring present ever..the scratch-map(33) that my mother gave me. Wouldnt change it for the world. I think my mother sees where I´m headed. She probably knows that there is little she can do about it 😛
Big Mile-stone! 33 things! I hope to have big difficulties over 70! I hope!
My little broken watch(34). I could get it repaired…but AT LEAST the stop watch seems to work on it for running…
My “barra de abdominales”(35). No idea how to translate this.
I am noticing partly happy, partly surprised, partly pissed off that many things I read and do I do on my computer and therefore dont need “other things”. In the same line, I guess a smartphone would take many objects out of my list!
How to forget my little out-door kitchen device? There are a few accessories to it, but its mostly just 1 spork(36)+gas bottle(37)+cooking device(38). I hardly ever use this damn thing. Have to think about this one in the future..
I´ll need a good tent soon enough. Don´t have it just yet  but it´s in my plans!

End of Emision! 😛 More tomorrow! Just to let you all know…it doesnt get much easier from 50 on…or 60..or 70…

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