ENg-The 100 Thing Challenge nº3!!! Problems Begin…

Again,I´m back with my 100 thing challenge! Im just writing it exactly how I worte it in my notebook! I have been thinking of it. Many of the “kinds of people” who I consider to be most enlightened, spiritual and happy with their lives ususally are people who don´t have many things. They live off of what they have and little more: monks, hippies, long-term travellers, etc. Coincidence…?
So, on I go!
A day has passed and I have been thinking: What have I been using these days that I didn´t count in the list? I am partly happy with what I found out… let me explain!

I feel I haven´t used way too many “things” that I didn´t count alreaedy. Very few things actually. The problem is taht I saw the amount of things I use that I´d never even count as mine! Dozens of cooking utensils  for example. And I don´t even cook that often… But they are not mines…they belong to the house-lady who rents us the place I guess…I could never count those kinds of things..right?
And my running shoes? My sports pants? And all the different clothes I have? Im going to have to think on how to count these things OR see if the book gives me any ideas!

I dont want to depend on the book though. The name and the plot of the book gave me a little spark of inspiration that is helping me go one step further in the direction I was taking of using less, being more mindful about my possessions and money and so on… but I don´t want my choices to come directly from the book.

Now wait. I´m going to have to clean this room! Purge the room! That way I´ll find a better way of finding the stuff I have to get rid of or keep!

And yep. Done. FOund some big challenges though. For example. How do I get rid of my huge set of WWII model tanks? Loved them but never used them. They were expensive and no use. Damn teenage Rafa!
And my adventure gear. Of “wannabe” adventure gear if you prefer. Most of the things I have I could only use once every ______!? Much of it was cool but useless in the moment. I have for example 3 little heat packs. You shake them and they heat up for some hours. Really usefull and cool but…3 slots taken untill I can use them one day in winter! Nah…
Othe problems! Calculator, pens, belts, flashlight, medicine, I have two tabel lights…. this is starting to get quite difficult. I would promise anyone that if they try this it´s going to be a headache!
Clothes are a HUUUUGE problem. Just open your drawers and check how many clothes you actually have! I mean…also the stuff you dont ever or hardly ever use! Ok here we go though:
Im counting 2 pairs(40+41) of jeans, 3 of short pants or “piratas”(42+43+44), 10 t-shirts(45+46+47+48+49+50+51+52+53+54). OUCH! 3 sports shirts(55+56+57), 2 pairs of sport pants(58+59), a scarf(60), “braga”(61), two pair of bathing trunks(62+63), 4 jackets(64+65+66+67) (might have to scrap one!).
By the way. Just to inform: underpants is one category and socks are too. Not counting individuals. It would be weird and gross hahahah (68+69). My pijama pants(70). A friend gave them to me in Switzerland. A real weird gift but hey! They are awesome, although for some strange reason everybody thinks that they are horrible…
Ok my everyday all purpose shoes(71), running shoes(72) and hiking shoes(73). 2 long shirts(74+75).Hungarian 2nd hand shop winter hat(76). Gloves(77). My bookmark(78), a present from Silvan Aellig. Makes me smile to see every day! inflatable cushion(79) for travelling!
This is getting scary! I want to have some “empty slots” for presents and so on..but its getting scary!
New raincoat(80)!

Ok and this is it so far….next entry will be the last for the challenge in some time. I´ve been living according to the 100 thing challenge idea for two weeks already actually. It´s not that difficult. But hey, then again, I am a young guy..how many things CAN I have?!?!

Let´s see in the next episode of Rafaels stupid brilliant idea! 😛

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