The 100 Thing Challenge nº4. wait that counts too? oh oh…

The 100 Thing Challenge nº3

Some people have asked me what this is all about or don´t get how the articles go…
Well……it´s easy…we KILL the batman…. I MEAN. No. Too many movies lately Rafa. Let me try again:  it goes nº1, nº2 and now nº3. Just look to your RIGHT HAND SIDE. There should be some different categories…there you choose the category and article you´d like to check!! And don´t forget to comment your ideas and advice!
And a mini resumé of what this is all about(again :P). I´m trying to push myself one step further to a simpler life in which I take things less for granted and am more concious about what I have in the moment and therefore become more content with what I have. I believe that it is a part of human nature to always want to have more and better than the rest of the people around us. I think many times we are taken advantage of to make us buy things like crazy when ACTUALLY…we don´t even need them.
Is this the typical teenager shout against consumerism and society? A crazy Anarcho-communist idea against capitalism? Well…hopefully not (although……). Look: I like having things. I like buying some things. You should see me in a Decathlon store or other adventure gear store. I look like a kid in a candy store…or an Erasmus student in a Liquor store… I just want to be more concious about my adquisitions and more careful and content with stuff I already have.

So, back to the real stuff:

So some days have passed. I have given myself the time to get “rid” of more things. Funny thing is: many things I can´t just “get rid of”. It would be a pitty to through a pretty much brand new excercise bench to the garbage! So I have given friends and family the chance to check through the things I was going to give out to the “Solidary shop”.

But here comes the funny part! There are some things I can´t get out of my room. No, not an elephant. I mean, my mother almost ripped my head off when I tried to get the 3 different pillows on my bed out of my room and sleep with one of those simple 5 euro ones that EVERYBODY has at home(I trully think we all have the same one… a long dark blue pillow with colored circles). As I ran for my life she “calmly” told me that they were there for a more artistic reason than anything else. The idea is that I´m leaving the house before I can kick those damn pillows out of my room. I guess if they are filled with Gold…..?

Anyway, this happened with many other things like table lamps, organizers, etc. So I found the most girly way of getting over this problem. Remember in 5th grade when the girls said “Im not talking to you” and from then on you could be right in their faces and they would not even see you? Well…kind of that. I just have them hanging around but dont ever use them. As much as I care, they aren´t mine, and I don´t touch or use them. I guess I should´ve seen this coming since it´s not my house….:P

Back to the last “things” in my list:Alarm-clock(78) untill I can get my stupid phone to stop waking me up at 03.00 in the morning independently of when I actually asked it to wake me up.. My traveling pillow(79), let´s try to be able to sleep in a bus without destoying our neck this time! The turkish “puff”(80), meditation pillow(81), sanitizer bottle(82), calculator(83), a little bag to put my tooth-brush and bathroom stuff in(84).

Oh oh… waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute…. does the tooth-brush count as an individual object? FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU (85)  SHIT…this is getting tricky…I want to leave some “space” for emergencies! Razor for shaving(86).

Im having some thoughts about this experiment:

  1. I´ve probably repeated some of the items from the first day I wrote to this one. Please tell me if so! 😛
  2. This is going to be difficult. The things that I can´t scrap and have in my room but “don´t allow myself to use” are going to be a constant little red Devil on my shoulder. I´ve already been doing this for some weeks and see how difficult it is. I mean, nobody controls me, right? It´s my own experiment. It goes where I want it to go and finishes when I want it to finish. Nobody will tell me off for using some things once in a while. The self-control you have to have is… bang!
  3. As I have been writing these articles time after writing them in my notebook and that was weeks ago…. that means that I have been at this stupid idea for some time now. I can say that my first feelings aren´t that I miss too many things. I can say that most of the things that I use on a daily basis are in the list..and that anybody could do it UNTILL you start counting clothes. That´s where the big problem comes. I guess this is easier for a guy than for a girl. I know some girls that would have to do a 50000 Thing list just to get her shoes in.
  4. Many people dont understand WHY I do this. Many others believe I´m going nuts and trying to prove something to others. Not really. It´s for myself… if it serves as an idea for anybody: GREAT. Hope they make up their own rules and own steps!
  5. This is easy to do when you are a poor-ass student like I am. I would love to know how this would work for an older person with his/her house, job, maybe even couple and family. Hmmmmm——
    So people, what do you think about the challenge? What do you miss in it? What would you change? Opinions?
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2 Responses to The 100 Thing Challenge nº4. wait that counts too? oh oh…

  1. Liina Helme says:

    Well, you are trying to lighten your bagage right. As I see it, the pillows, drawers, lamps or what ever your mom would like you to keep are not considered yours if you say adios to them. They are your moms. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use them…I mean unless you also think that lending or using things of others makes your bagabe in some way bigger? As long as you deattach yourself from the thing and don’t feel you want or need to carry this thing with you, it is just something you use temporarily because it is there and waiting for someone to use it 🙂 I mean if you couchsurf at someones hose then you do use their bed, chear, sheets maybe, and other things…but it has nothing to do with YOUR things, or what do you think? And Oh Rafa you are far from crazy!!

    • rafavoa says:

      good point Liina!!!
      Maybe you are right!
      I guess that this challenge is something so radical that I´ll just have to see how it´s working and “adapting” the rules as I see the problems come. Not to make it easier for me or more difficult, but more realistic. I can´t get rid of everything when its´s not even mines.
      I imagine that this idea of living with less is something you could like. Im sure you´ve got some tips to help me out!
      Give me a hand! Tell me what you´d do Liina!

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