All prepared!

-5 shirts
-one jacket
-minisleeping bag(if you can even call it a sleeping bag anyway)
-one pair of short pants
-one pair of jeans
-one pair of shoes
-I´m not going to tell you guys how many pairs of underwear because you´d be disgusted..
-“some” socks
-one bottle of Orujo. mmmm
2 books+ebook(this is really stupid but whatever)
-shitty camera, shitty phone,
-san Fermínes costume(just be look like a Wacko in Poland in the disco running around)
-pijama pants OF COURSE 😛
-toillete bag with a toothbrush I had to chop in half with an axe to fit in(I´m not shitting you guys!)
-drugs and weapons(just in case the NRA is reading…just for the LoLs)
-some other random little things like pocket knife, markers, etc etc

Let´s hope for the best…
Although I have a weird feeling that I´m forgetting something…
-aaaaaaaaaand some swimming trunks and thats pretty much it. Sad enough…

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