Poland to Spain Hitch hiking. 2.600km +

Eveli! The crazy Estonian hitchhiker!

Eveli! The crazy Estonian hitchhiker!

on to Berlin!

on to Berlin!

Here are some of the first videos of the crazy trip back from Poznán, in Poland, to Santander! Eveli and I, who were actually not planning on traveling together, in the end traveled the 2.600km and met all kinds of incredible people on the way!

I will, for sure, talk about all these incredible people! But for the moment I think I´ll just post some of the videos!


There are 6 of them for the moment. In the end there will be quite a few more!
Have fun! Laugh! Get inspired of doing things that scare you! Take (calculated) risks! Just do it!(sorry Nike!)

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4 Responses to Poland to Spain Hitch hiking. 2.600km +

  1. maginazer says:

    lol, this is incredible, Im so happy it worked for you as well! Give us more!!! ♥

    • rafavoa says:

      thanks so much Magi! THey´ll be out soon enough. I just have a million things on my mind and in my hands these days…dont have as much free time as I would like to!
      How is the rainbow gathering going?
      By the way!!! Im going to be interviewed for the fellowhip in Thailand! :D:D:D:D:D

  2. maginazer says:

    Really? Im so happy! I on the other hand will be something as a representative of Peace Revolution for USA and Canada: will go to conferences or other related events to speak on behalf of PR :))) Very excited myself!

  3. rafavoa says:

    Wow! Awesome!
    When will you be there!?

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