The 100 Thing Challenge nº5. Difficult…but worth it!


Im back from my long tour around Poland, Germany and France. I have a shit load to write about. I mean…I would have to spend the next couple of weeks just closed in without doing much more than writing and…that seems boring for the moment. Kind of like a 16th century monk in a Monastery…

But the 100 Thing Challenge has been going on. It´s continuos. There´s no “ 150 items and tomorrow I´ll go back to the 100”. You don´t change the amount of things you possess so quickly as to have to re-calculate everything now and then. You know what you have, you know its “somewhere” under 100 and then you really batter your head when you get the oportunity of getting something new. Let me explain…

3 weeks traveling. Keeping your things under 100 when traveling is not all too hard because you take good care of what you take with yourself to begin with. Your backpack is normally not ready for a ton of cargo anyway…or your back…

Therefore, since I only have +or- 90 things, I was bringing MANY of my possessions with me. I would say most of them except a good amount of the clothes, different shoes, etc. I quickly noticed it would be easier than “normally” to reject “presents” or things that just “fall from the sky” because I know that every new item is an extra kg in my bag and more back pain, less freedom of movement, more rest pauses, less visits, less energy later, less fun… and a sweatier back(can get important!)

So I was confronted by some “presents” when we visited a science lab. Yeah, I know you didn´t expect it but we also did that! BOOOM! Well anyway, they gave us the typical no-meaning presents they give to all the other thousands of students that roll in every other week. It wasn´t difficult to say “no” but I just “forgot” the presents…suspiciously back in the box where they came from…

Later we got other presents like a white t- shirt to have everybody sign. Again I had to think about it a moment. But once it gets signed…it becomes a memory because I hang them up in my room so….I´LL TAKE IT! And I did!…and had a huge dick drawn on my shoulder. F*CK. Never let drunk people sign your shirt. Wait till they are sober and write something beautiful or nice!

I lost my camera…so…that strikes one object out of my list. My own STUPID fault…although that camera needed changing right away! I guess its a sign….or maybe ir really just is that I´m an idiot and lost something valuable and am looking for a positive aspect in it…

Leaving the event as one of the last people to do so always gives you a treasure chest to look through. People leave ALL KINDS OF THINGS. And I mean…all kinds of things. A sleeping bag was left for example….that could be a good adquisition… cause I didnt have one and was killing my back and freezing at night.  And then a white t-shirt (un-signed). Well this one was good because…well….I had no clean t-shirts left…(bad washing-the-clothes-time planning, huh?)

Throughout these weeks I haven´t really seen the need for many more things. For the moment this is working out well… I have finally made up my mind to go with the flow(or the mainstream) and get myself a smart phone. Those damn things can do pretty much everything already and if you search for something weird…somebody had that weird idea already and made an App for it. Don´t believe me? Try it…

The day I got back I did notice though that again many of the shirts I thought I had given away were back in my drawer. I guess my mother isn´t so keen on giving things away so easily. I had to re-think which 1o t-shirts I´d keep. Very difficult. I don´t even have much clothes and it was a complicated decision. Better than throwing away the un-wanted-for-the-moment clothes…I´ll keep them in a box at the back of my drawer and when the 10 shirts I have start getting lost, destroyed, painted, robbed by a furious lover(i wish) ..I´ll have plenty replacements!

what do you guys think?

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