Eng-25th July. Biking Day. Achievement unlocked!

IMG_4620So another late night makes another late morning. Good thing we thought about getting a bike for the day. Niko could give us one with a seat and one without it. Hmmmm… 10 hours biking around…without a seat..is…to say little…”risky”. Having a metal pipe pointing at your ass while jumping and biking around the whole day can´t be a fun experience.

The bikes, like always, prove to be the best idea ever. We only needed to rent one so the price was not too big(10 euros divided by 2). Remember. REMEMBER! (the 5th of November..) ALWAYS VISIT A CITY BY BIKE IF YOU CAN! You can move just like a pedestrian but 5 times the speed. And I dare say you don´t get any more tired. Plus, you cover 5x the distance!


So, if you are couchsurfing, ask beforehand if your host might have a bike or a friend might. If you go to a hostel, many times the owners can have a spare one(remember what I said in the post about “risking and being out-going”, just try. You already have the “no”…but you might get a “yes”!). If you are going to a hotel it might be more difficult but you can ask around. If not, hell, just rent it…it will be well worth it!!! Believe me!
The day goes by biking around visiting monuments and drinking beers every 30-40 minutes(hey, don´t judge me! It was very warm. And beer is like gasoline when you are cycling around!).

One of the most interesting visits was the “hippie-projects” in the ex-Tempelhof airport. The airport itself is HUGE and seems to have been made to land the flying saucer Mothership of “Independece Day”. But since it´s out of use people have used it to give their ideas a chance. A huge parcel is being used for people to set up their own vegetable gardens. One rule: just respect other people´s gardens. It´s beautiful to see! Also a wood working site where a guy is trying to build up his “city inside of THE CITY”. Full of freshly-made wood work and furniture. Bring a few beers and go sit down there! I´ll have to go visit him see if it worked out in the end(if somebody goes, can you please find out for me?).
The day went by as we biked around this awesome city with Eveli´s Estonian friends, Tuule and Antti. Late afternoon, after saying goodbye to them, we got a surprise bike city tour by Jens and Ute, after they saw us looking at a map having NO idea where we were(whoever knows me well…knows that I was the only one that didn´t have a clue where he was. Eveli was quite sure.)

They showed us around while explaining what everything was and the history behind it all. It´s awesome that people just walk up to you and help you out. THAT´S a great way of visiting a city with the locals. BIKE+FREE BIKE TOUR WITH LOCALS. Ace!


Bed bike! Best way to visit a city? I think so too!


We ended up having some beers and Pizza with them and later on having yet another few beers with Niko and his friends. Great night. Beer keeps the body awake, healthy and amused!

Next day was going to be long. Hitch-hiking to Giessen…uffffffffff

Oh yeah! The achievement unlocked! I was FINALLY AFTER 23 YEARS OF MY LIFE able to ride my bike with no handle bars. Yes. Stupid for everybody. EPIC for me. I´ve crashed more than one, two or ten times for pushing my luck trying to do this and unpleasing the bike Gods with the results…

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