(Eng). 26th July. GieBen, Carsten, 200km/h!

07:30! Early wake up call! aaaaaaaagh…

We get to a gas station in the out-skirts where, wtf, there were already maybe as many as 15 hitch hikers. Damn….or…great!? I´m not sure. But the feeling was great. Everybody sais hi, asks where you are heading, tells you that if they find someone…they´ll tell you, etc. No competition. There is even a “non-written law” which sais that the first ones waiting and asking get the first ride, if you are going to the same place but started asking later. The things you learn…


People have asked me where we look for these things, or if we buy them. Nope. Just walk behind a gas station!

We get a ride after half an hour and get brought(together with this other hitch hiker who lost his train to a music festival) to Hannover, North of Giessen, where we wanted to go. Later a German truck driver brought us very close to GieBen, at a gas station, where Carsten would pick us up.

Tip: Trucks are great because they usually go very long distances and you can relax in there. There is a lot of space and many truck drivers don´t care if you start reading or whatever. Many times they just want someone around. Problem: their speed limit is limited to 80km/h and they have to stop every 3 hours max(depending on the country) and can´t drive more than 8h a day. A good thing is that they can usually tell you almost exactly at what time they will be there because their speed is fixed and their route aswell! If you are not being lucky or you just want to relax and not have to ask any more drivers, catch a truck that is going your way. If you want speed and maybe a little more risk with the time, try cars!


With the smelly but awesome truck driver!

Carsten coms to pick us up in a BEAUTIFUL AWESOME EPIC INCREDIBLE Mercedes S-Class. Not bad. We drive back to his home and he pushes the engine up to 200km/h while talking calmly and looking around. Of course, I am not used to that speed(Spain: limit 120km/h) and I was freaking out, like Eveli(Estonia, 110km/h).


Proost(in a very strange way!)

We get home and get a shower and have a great arrival barbeque from Carstens parents and her girlfriend. German sausages with sauerkraut and 10.000 kinds of sauces(I didn´t even know there were so many in the world). Food was excelent and it helped us come back to life.

Later that night, a quick visit to Marburg with some beers. BEAUTIFUL city which was spared during the bombings of the second world war. Definately worth a visit, although walking up to the castle should be considered, AT LEAST, a heroic act. My advice: buy 3 beers..and stop and drink one every 150meters. Just remember to enjoy the beautiful views from the top of the hill, where the mountain is!

Back home we find that, again, Eveli and I get a couple-bed. Why does everyone think we are a couple? hahahaha Whatever. A bed is a bed, but after so many beers…I just hope I don´t snore Eveli to death.

And 3…2….1..zZzzZZZZzzzZZZzzzz

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