(Eng)-27th July. First Hitch hiking FAIL and awesome day comeback!

"little village breakfast at Carsten´s. All are invited :P

“little village breakfast at Carsten´s. All are invited 😛

“little village breakfast at Carsten´s. All are invited 😛

Best breakfast in the world! What a variety of food! 4 kinds of bread, tons of different kinds of meat and cheese, juice and coffee. Just, wow. And Carsten mother said “meh…just a simple village breakfast”. BOOM.

We used the morning to visit Eveli´s friend in GieBen who was living there with her German boyfriend. I´ve never seen so many stacked pizzas in a house(the kitchen was still not operational). Well, maybe I have. My Asturian ex-flatmate during exam period.

We had some beers in a park and chatted for a long time. We said goodbye to Carsten and his gf and Eveli´s friend and her bf. A great time visiting friends. Nice to know that people are always willing to see you when you are traveling close to them!

Eveli finds her friend!

Eveli finds her friend!

On the road…once more. And here comes..the big fail. We get taken by a very friendly German woman who had just started working as a doctor (chapeau!). We saw planes flying just some hundred meters over our heads while we passed next to Frankfurst´s enormous airport. And then…we got dropped off too far and in a bad place.

We were supposed to go to Frankfurt, or close to it anyway, and our driver missed the way out and went all the way passed the city to Manheim, still not far away…but a city too far. We got dropped off on a way in to the Schnellweg( Speedstreet, sounds weird, huh?) at the financial/comercial area. The cars that started to pass us were the following: Mercedes S-class, Porsche, Luxurious BMW, brand-new expenisve Audi, another S-class Mercedes…


We waited for 2 hours! Changing places and strategies. Asking around for best places. People were just like “you are in the wrooooooooong neighbourhood man…”. Sounds a little “GTA” style but….still…for hitch hikers…its a cemetery. People with too nice cars, too high standing, too little time….

awesome tattoo! One of our hippy/punky drivers.... SAVIOURS I MEAN!

awesome tattoo! One of our hippy/punky drivers…. SAVIOURS I MEAN!

awesome tattoo! One of our hippy/punky drivers! SAVIOURS I MEAN!
Finally two hippie/punky girls stopped for us. They were bringing furniture to one of the girl´s new house. It took us 3 minutes and  a lot of pushing and pulling to press ourselves into that old piece of metal with 4 wheels. They even said “hey..maybe you guys don´t fit. Maybe you will be more lucky later?”. NO WAY. After two hours waiting under a 37º sun I would jump into a garbage truck if he promised to get me out of that place!

We got to a train station and get a ticket to get out of the city(this is very important! You can´t hitch a ride from inside of a city..and very difficult from a posh/high class comercial area!).

We started hitch hiking again from village to village while time started to go against us. We just had some hours of light and we needed to make some 60-70km. This is not a big distance but through village roads it can be. All depends on luck.

And then we started getting lucky…

Le me: “hey…is that a volkswagen van coming our way? …..FUCK IT IS! SHOW THE SIGN eVELI!!!!”. And yep, my theory about volkswagen vans is tested and verified once again! See a Mercedes, don´t even lift your thumb. See a VW van…you will be taken! 99,9% efficiency! Specially if the VW van is painted in bright/funny colours and smells like weed 😛

THANK GOD FOR TURKISH PEOPLE! Always so nice bringing us around. Warm-blooded mediteranean culture! I still Love TURKEY. Even when I´m thousands of km away from there! ALso another awesome young guy brought us around while they helped us out with info and better route-planning!

Great party man who brought us around. Friendly, open and helpful! Hope to find more like this epic guy!

Great party man who brought us around. Friendly, open and helpful! Hope to find more like this epic guy!

Energy drinks and constant motivation talks kept our spirits up while the sun was shooting down on our heads. So much walking with the heavy back-packs were paying a heavy toll on our legs and backs.

Finally, around 20h we got to the place we could´ve been at at around 15h if all would´ve gone well. Armin´s village/city, Hanau, and a great barbeque(again!?) to celebrate that he was leaving to Norway for his studies. Awesome man! Eating, drinking beer, talking with strangers and other travelers…. yahoooooooo

And suddenly a thunderstorm. The few of us that were still drinking had to run off inside while still drinking. The night got…fun in the bathroom… aaaaaaaaaaaand later a well deserved sleep…

Too much sun on my head, too much alcohol, too few sleeping hours….


If Smart want´s to make a motorcycle…why don´t they jsut do it..!?

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