Peace Revolution. What the heck is it?


I thought a bit about it. I haven´t even explained why I started to meditate and what the heck Peace Revolution is! I think that a huge part of my personality can´t be explained if not for this program and what I learnt through meditation. One thing: I´m not saying that this was one of those “life changing/inflexion point” moments but it has surely changed me a lot.

First of all, this is Peacerevolution:

I will make a little summary of what it is taking out all the “hippy-budhist expressions” of eternal love, spiritual world consciousness, infinite soul, etc etc.´ll sound a little flower-power to many 😛

The tale goes back to when I was working as an Au Pair in Switzerland (yeah guys. A male Au pair…don´t worry…I´ve heard anything you are thinking of throwing at me! :P). The experience was great but I lived in a small village just a little bit too far from everything. I had a shit ton of free time which helped me develope(little) my cooking skills, do a lot of sport at -5º, read, and WASTE a lot of time on the computer…hours and hours. I got a bit stressed, I thought I would be doing more!

So one day I remember how a friend of mine, Yina, who I met in Turkey, talked to me about meditation, tantras, relaxing skills, positive thinking and…PEACE REVOLUTION. I got back to her to ask about it and 5 minutes later I was browsing the website!

I started the 42 day self-developement process. For a long time I wanted to try to meditate…what better way to start? Day to day… ok….not true…one day yes then two not..then another 3 yes then another 2 no… I would log into Peace Revolution…sit down on a cushion in my room, put my earphones on with the podcast or video and listen to a Budhist monk guide me through the process of meditation..starting from the very VERY basics.


Ok, just to clear things up. Meditating is NOT easy. I mean…NOT AT ALL. Just try it. Sit down…close your eyes…try to think of one mental object. Don´t loose it…. dont let your mind escape from that thought! It did? Get back to where you were! Difficult huh? Now try to do 45 minutes…..;)

During the program you are asked not to drink or use drugs, not to lie, not to kill any living being, not to “hurtful” language, and a couple more. They were suggestions…never strict rules. That´s one thing I liked. I mean, c´mon…no drinking…that one…I have to say…I didn´t comply with often..:P

I liked how the program was organized. After a steadily longer meditation session you would have some questions asking you how meditation went. After that one you´d have the “thinking questions” as I called them. You would get asked about what you think about this or that moral issue. Or get asked to cook something for friends or family tomorrow, or contact people you have had problems with and settle the score, or just to give a present the next day to a random person.

The questions really shake something in you if you are ready to re-think things. If you are 100% positive of your ideas and way of life probably not though. In a very logical way it explains the most peaceful way of living and being happy. Like always..I never take 100% of what I read or see…I take what I like and adapt it to me own ideas. You cuold do the same!

A personal mentor will help you out. You can be in constant contact with that person if you want. They can help you out when you have questions or any doubts. Very helpful and quick in answering!

My experience is that it is a very helpful site with people who honestly  want to help others out and believe in a better world. The positive wave and ideas are constantly flowing around and you can see that some of those people will really become little beacons of light for the rest of society.

As for me…I adapt the ideas I liked into my life. Meditation, a more comprehensible notion of self-developement, a set of rules of my own, the idea of will-power to construct you ideal self, etc.

I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to learn about meditation and is too shy to ask people around them or want to “give a real try” to the idea of self-developement and will-power training!

Hope this helps someone! Just one would be good enough! I honestly think that it´s worth a try. No money and no data. You try and get out when you get bored or don´t like it!

Oh yeah, I did mention that you can go to Thailand with this, right…? 😉



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