Seems I DO have some plans for the near future!


Would any of you imagine me doing meditation? YEAH EXACTLY! Me neither!
We´ll….I have participated in a 42 day self-developement program with Peace Revolution( to start learning about meditation and find some terms to vague ideas I already had about finding out who I am and what I want to do, being a moral person and why some people are just like “beacons(not bacon) of light” out there.

I totally recommend it! I think the program is very well done and is helpful. Is it a bit weird? Yeah…but hey! You have to try out all the things that you are curious about in life, right?

Well I have been chosen by Peace Revolution to go to a Fellowship in Belgium in October for a week. 2 meals a day, vegetarian, getting up at 5.50, 4h of meditation per day, no phones or internet, no sex, drugs, alcohol or violence(this is actually true..:P)


Just peace and tranquility while learning more about meditation and trying to become a person who can inspire others to become better people! Being taught by Budhist Monks is going to be very special. I hope to make the most of this experience!

Im so happy to have this opportunity!!!! I know I don´t look like the kind of guy but meditation is becoming a part  of my life! And making it better. More relaxed, more confident, more power of will, more positive….

So, now. Should I go to Belgium…or…not? And then…Thailand…or…not?Image

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