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I´m about to go on my, maybe, last family trip. All three kids are getting older and are starting to live our own lives. I think this is going to be the last time we can all go together! I´m going to miss it….

So…. Scotland! Haven´t been there in ages! The only thing I really know about Scotland is men in skirts, pipes, Whisky, rain, red-heads…and…William Wallace..! Oh yeah!!! And the Loch Ness Monster! How on Earth was I going to forget that!?!

It´s going to be quite a change to travel with my parents…when lately I´ve been traveling AEGEE/backpacker style!

Instead of couchsurfing and “let´s see where we will sleep tonight”, its going to be “expensive” hotels. Instead of “do we still have some bread and cheese?”, its going to be restaurants. Instead of hoping for a car to pull over and take you with them, we´re going to have our own rented car. No buying 1 euro whine bottles to get wasted with… instead of that it´s going to be good whisky and beer. Anyway, getting drunk with your also not a great idea…I think.

I´m already stressed after seeing how “planned” this trip is. Don´t get me wrong..I know that this has to be planned but I´m just not very used to it anymore. My father, an old Dutch protestant-education ex-colonel of the Dutch Army, has everything organized to the minute, to the last detail. Everything is payed for, arranged and thought of. If something moves slightly from the established plan there will be a shitstorm crisis.

After traveling without a plan, backup money or even a bed sometimes…this is going to be quite an experience! I guess I´ll just have to go with the flow and make the best of it anyway. I just hope I can still do the retarded things I would´ve done if I went traveling with my friends.

Stay posted to “can´t stop dreaming awake” on Fb and I´ll upload some comments and photos! I´m sure I´ll find something funny or curious to aim the camera at! Oh yeah…and if I swim in the Loch Ness lake, which I plan on doing, don´t comment on my “oh my fucking God, did something just touch my foot!?” face. I know there is no monster…but… you know that feeling..

So, now I have to get ready for traveling “the normal way” and doing everything EXACTLY the way I say it´s more boring and too expeisive. Just one last time in my life I guess. So…get ready for traveling…like a sir. 😉


By the way, if someone knows anything I have to try…or eat…or see…or…drink!? PLEASE COMMENT!!! ;););););)

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2 Responses to Scotland!!!!

  1. Ilknur Candemir says:

    Hi Rafa!! Other delicious things you should try are shortbread (a kind of cookie) and haggis (beef meal)
    In capital, Edinburgh, there are so many galleries & museums. that I visited;
    Museum of Edinburgh(close on Sundays)
    People’s Story Museum
    The Writers’ Museum
    National Museum of Scotland
    Scottish National Gallery
    Royal Scottish Academy
    Also Palace of Holyroodhouse, Arthur’s Seat, Calton Hill, the Nelson Monument, Princess Street Gardens should be visited. Near the Royal Scottish Academy there is an amazing street performer group. they are doing cover the best known songs with Scottish Pipe, sincerely recommended:)
    If you want to go to Edinburgh to Glasgow or the opposite route, it takes 50 min by train. Train cost 25 pound by return for 3 people- its so cheap but you should buy tickets from the booth in Waverley railway station.
    You can find so many place to eat something & shopping on Princess Street, High Street,
    Cockburn Street, Rose Street or New Town area. If miss the Turkish cousine try Cafe Truva on Canongate Street.
    Everywhere that I mention is so close to each other even by walking. Enjoy there!

    • Rafa says:

      Hey Ilknur!

      Thanks for the info! I´m just back in SPain!

      I tried Haggis and shortbread. I liked both…even AFTER knowing what Haggis actually is…
      Out of the Museums we didn´t really have enough time to visit most. We did an awesome free tour though. It was very good!
      Glasgow was already impossible for us. Edinburgh was our last day! 😦
      I think I really have to go back. It´s a beautiful city! i can hardly believe you hardly hear about it when people talk about “beautiful cities of Europe”!
      We liked the Scottish cuisine…but its veeeeeeeeery limited. And it seems they try to make things sound more special than they are with French names or Italian sauces or some Spanish word in the middle. Still didn´t change the taste! But ok, I didn´t eat badly, although it was so expensive!

      Thanks so much for the info! I hope to see you soon!
      Btw, you still havent told me what you are doing in London!
      Are you going to go to Zaragozaaaaaaaaaaaa!?

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