Inspiring stories!

I´m about to open a new section in my blog….



I have heard “a few” people tell me that I inspire them. When I hear this I jizz in my pants (at least). It´s something that sounds crazy and über-awesome to me. I normally try to “escape” after hearing these kind of things because I myself don´t usually believe I can inspire people(yet) I feel that it´s still undeserved. I mean, think about it. I haven´t traveled much more than any AEGEE member or lived any better than any optimistic person!

But just some time ago I have decided not to try to escape these comments anyomore. Paula, a good friend from Spain, has made me realize that when I try to escape from hearing this I give the wrong image… Like I don´t believe it and therefore why would anybody else believe it.

Ok. Here goes my little reason. As some people think that some things I do are inspiring…I see other people and think the same about them. Friends of mine or people I have met while on the Road who for me TRULLY are epic-awesome-motivating people. . So I though…why not let these people write their experiences, ideas and advice to try to inspire people in the same way they inspire me!!?


drinking calimocho like a sir….(Budapest!)

So, in a couple of days, or tomorrow if I have the time, I will open this new section. I would love to see some interaction!!! These are all, for the moment, personal friends of mine and awesome people. They don´t bite(except for Martijn and Ivo) so you will be able to ask whatever or comment on their experiences!

Let´s hope the inspiration flows!!!!!!

And remember. All awesome changes in peoples life and efforts to live bett  er come from the inspiration that somebody/something gives them. Name it a movie, a person, faith, a friend, a sad situation, love, a book….

Just as these people inspire me to keep on going, I hope this section in the blog helps you!


Scotland! FREEEEDOOOOOM(and whisky!!)

And if you think that you have a story to tell….write to me and I´ll be sure to post it! 😉

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2 Responses to Inspiring stories!

  1. How wonderful that you’ve chosen to showcase people who have inspired you in your life while recognizing you can be inspiring to others. I look forward to reading!

    • Rafa says:

      Thanks for the kind words!

      I just guess that if these people help me so much to get the inspiration I need they could help other people just as much. They just don´t get heard outside of their circle of friends. If you know of anyone please let me know Michaela!

      Take care! And thanks for your enthusiasm! I need to hear these kinds of things these days!

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