Close to the edge of the cliff

                                                    Close to the edge of the cliff

Do you know those scenes in Disney movies where the good guy is stepping backwards to get out of reach from a big bad scary monster and he suddenly finds that he  can´t step back any further because he is at the edge of a cliff..? That he has just got to the point where there is NO OTHER step back. There is no more running away. Two options: let yourself fall or stand your ground, “man-up” and fight.

Well, I´m not a Disney character and I´m quite far from this fantasy world but I still feel like I am finally in that situation. Let´s explain this…before you think I´ve gone nuts.


I have been telling all my friends for some time that I would not be content with finishing my study and doing “what I am supposed to do”: long poorly paid internships in Spain working my way somewhere (?) after YEARS of sacrificing my time and my well-being for the sake of “future interest”.

As I hear often:” …it´s just the way it goes… There is no other option”. It´s either that or getting “left behind”.

So I have been telling my friends that those are NOT my plans. I found my Disney Monster with claws, fangs and spitting fire: a job that binds me down and doesn’t make me happy. Scary, huh?  Yeah…it better sound scary!

Well finally I have finished my “easy-talk” time. I have finished my study. I can´t keep up with the “well, I can´t decide anything until I´m finished with my study anyway”. That´s void. I can´t use that excuse any more. My steep dangerous hilltop has ended…there is no step further behind me to delay the inevitable…

So now I am trapped by the big scary monster (try to imagine that it looks something like a Dragon…to make this more spectacular and make me look more awesome and brave for a moment…). No more steps behind me.

I can imagine Morfeus from The Matrix spreading out his hands and saying “now Neo, you have two options…”.  I can accept one of the long term job offers I am being offered here OR discard them, do the “dumb”  thing , resist the temptation of giving in, and keep my hopes and ambition high to find something which will make me live the lifestyle I really hope on living.


fight or give in…

Maybe this is a whole lot of “creative/symbolic/freaky” way of saying: “I´m scared to death of how long I´ll resist the pressure before accepting something I actually don´t want”. But stick with my picturesque explanation..! That´s the way I picture it in my head!

I have seen others full of energy and ideas fall down and now work in jobs they despise and in a place they hate.

Now my ideas have to become more than just “ideas” and become actions. I have to find out about all those freaky ideas I had and get them going.

I have fought off the scary monster some times already. I have not given in to the pressure. But it will always come back to see if I am still on guard, strong, motivated to keep on fighting. 1 weak moment is all that is needed.

Now, more than ever, inspiration and motivation is needed. I know that most of the few people who read what crazy ideas come out of my head are in my same situation. We are about to finish or just finished our study. We are working or about to. We have had our big ideas and dreams of what our “dream job” was. Now we have to look at ourselves and “reality”. We feel the pressure of family, friends, and society.


Our ideas were just not realistic. Our dreams were out of reach. Better give in and do what you are supposed to do.  I hope soon to prove that this is not so. I hope to help at least one person in the world use my stupid ideas and example to take a decision that will later prove to make him or her happier.

That’s the objective…


Please PLEASE let me know what you think. How do you see it? Is it only me or am I not alone in this one? Comment right under!

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5 Responses to Close to the edge of the cliff

  1. Liina Helme says:

    I quess our monsters look a lot alike…I am fighting the fact that I have to have a typical college degree overall and that I have to have a typical nine to five job with that one sole purpose – to make money and through that live a normal life,
    NO, this will not be my life. I don’t feel the edge of the cliff yet but I know there wil come a day I need to stand my ground!

  2. C...del bosque says:

    nuestra larga amistad, tu estilo de vida y tu blog, una vez mas… hacen mas pequeño al puto moustro que me susurra continuamente a mi oido… “se quien quieren que seas”

    tu eres un moustro especial y tu vida no tendrá limites.

    • Rafa says:

      Gracais Carmencilla. Espero que tengas razón. Creo que por fín he encontrado un “stepping stone” muy próximo. Te tendré que contar…
      Escribe en Inglés que tienes que seguir aprendiendo!
      Y muchas gracias por tus palabras. Siempre tengo la sensación que tu crees más en mí que yo mismo!!!!
      Y sigue comentando! Significa la vida para mi!

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