The “architect”

Finally, I have someone who can help me out making this blog look a bit decent, organized and interactive. Please! A round of applause for Jaime Sendra Domenech!

A friend from my University with who I never hung out with enough…but for some weird reason we found each other again. Literally his first words to me after months were:

“Rafa, I´ve seen you blog. INTERESTING! But it looks like shit man……”

So 1 meeting, 1 coffee and a beer later we decided to make the “flimsy alliance”! I hope we can help each other out!

So, now! I´d love to hear people tell me what this basic skeleton needs to make it a rocking blog and a thing to really want to see withouot crying! Let loose all that fury! You´ve had a bad day? Stress out saying all the bad things about this blog that you didn´t even know you didn´t like. Your dog ate your I-Pod? Make my blog pay the consequences! You neighbours baby doesn´t shut up the whole night? Concentrate your fury on this blog!

I´ll be very grateful to all who help! 😉

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2 Responses to The “architect”

  1. Eveli says:

    That’s the post I was looking for and here comes the recommendations list:

    * remove the header photo or combine it somehow with your blog name
    * change fonts
    * think about better category names; keep them in one place – either under the heather or on the side
    * avoid CAPS LOCK and tons of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in header, category names, on the sidebar and basically all the places that are fixed somewhere. In text, use them as much as you want.
    * use solid background, either a pattern that doesn’t disturb reading or one color
    * do something with the photos, add light, saturate colors, etc.. to create more professional look
    * add less photos maybe to your articles, but make them appear bigger
    * keep the graphic design simple, because less is more!
    * have a look at the blogs you like and learn from their design, adapt their ideas and make them your own
    * make your blog’s subtitle (travel, party, live) more visible
    * once you have nice graphic design on your blog, consider doing the flyers/stickers in the same style to spread them around (give to your drives when you hitchhike)
    * that facebook liking box should be bigger/wider and maybe placed somewhere else, e.g on the footer
    * I’m sorry, but this photo of you on the sidebar looks really stupid. I bet you have some other photos of yourself to give better impression to your first readers.

  2. Rafa says:

    Hey Eveli!
    You were really waiting for this one, huh? ahhahahah
    Thanks for the great ideas. Many of them I had written down already! It´s really good advice!
    I´ll be sure to tell my “architect” 😛 soon! We hope to have remodeled this in a months time.
    Let me know if you ever think of a new thing.
    THanks! Terviseks!

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