Just 5 days away fom Peace, relaxation and maybe a life changer…


In 5 days I will attend the PeaceRevolution European Fellowship in Lede, Belgium. Now I know that this sounds like some crazy Charlie Manson style sect but it´s even stranger.
I got into meditation and the idea of self-development some time ago, in Switzerland. I did so, first of all, because I had a fuck-load of free time and I had for months wanted to try it out. The person who finally pushed me into it was a friend I made in Turkey, Yina.  Suddenly I found myself doing the Peace Revolution Self-development on-line program..!

For  6 days I will be living with another 20 something enthusiasts from all over the globe to learn more about meditation, peaceful ways of solving tension, and how to become a better person and more like the kind of person I want to be. We will get up before the sun is out at eat just twice a day(vegetarian, needless to say) and using the whole day in the temple to learn more about ourselves and the pratice of meditation.


The Buddhist monks will lead workshops and help us out in the meditation process. I feel that I´m going to learn a lot and have a cool time! And who knows, I might be able to go to the World Fellowship in THAILAND  later in December!!!!!

I´ll be living in a Buddhist temple with some, let´s say, interesting “code of conduct” rules:

-I will refrain from killing or hurting any beings

not even a mosquito, textually written!

-I will refrain from stealing or damaging any properties

Ok, this one was easy..

-I will refrain from any sexual activities

well..wait what…I…but…argh……ehm….ANY?

-I will refrain from lies, false, and hurtful speech

This, out of experience, is more difficult than it seems. Believe me! Try not to tell a lie, exaggerate or speak about anybody badly. Try it out for a week. Good luck!

-I will refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other intoxicants

I´m in Belgium and I can´t even drink beer. Great. Just GREAT.

-I will refrain from eating a full meal after lunch

-I will refrain from using mobile phones or internet, dancing, singing, music, going to see entertainment, wearing garlands, using perfumes and beautifying the body with cosmetics.
Well…this looks more like a sect now. I understand the point. But I´m going to miss using make-up and high heels for a few days…:P

-I will live a simple life and refrain from lying on a luxurious sleeping place
Ok, no bed, no phone, no internet, no Fb. Just meditation and contemplation. GOT IT!

So, sounds hard,huh! It sounds more like I´m trying to torture myself than learn! But ok guys, I guess we can all survive for 6 days without dancing, singing, internet, phone, drugs, …alcohol, …dinner, or….sex….?  FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU

So, now I have a few days to get back into the meditation mood. “Purify” my body a little bit of all the alcohol of this weekend and “all those bad things”. Wish me luck!

If I come back with the Buddhist attire, shaven bald, not drinking alcohol or eating meat and renouncing of sex for the rest of my life….shoot me Nah…joke. Forget about it!

This is going to be so weird…but awesome at the same time! Who knows what this triggers in me…:P


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2 Responses to Just 5 days away fom Peace, relaxation and maybe a life changer…

  1. Liina Helme says:

    WOW…this is so crazy and exciting at the same time!!!

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