A short good-bye!


I´m leaving to Brussels today! My Peace Revolution Meditation Fellowship starts the 11th! Ryanair gives you the prices…not always the best flight dates!

From the 11th to the 16th I´ll be living in a Buddhist temple with other young people from all around the globe. We will try to find out more about ourselves and how to make things around us better by serving as an example. Sounds like a big hippy convention, right?

Well..for those days I´ll be living a simple life far from technology and commodities standing up before sunrise and concentrating most of my day on meditation and learning. 

I hope to make the best of this and I´m sure the experience will be epic!

Stay tunned! In a week you´ll get the first words of a guy who might have stepped one step further on his road of self-developement! 

Take care! :):):):)

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