Meditation Retreat- Peace Revolution

It´s going to be really hard for me to try to express the feelings and spirit of the  Meditation Retreat,but hell I´ll give it a try!


Statue of Buddha that presided the meditation room

I´m still a little mind fucked. More relaxed. More mindful. More attent. Calmer. More balanced and less jumpy. More satisfied. Just…more “Sabai”(translation, later)!

To begin with, YES we did meditate 4 hours a day and YES we did eat twice a day and YES we got up at 05.00h. YES we didn´t use a computer, phone, Fb, Twitter, Tv or anything. YES we never took showers. Ah no. That one is just a joke! Seemed harder than it was!! When you hardly do much more than thinking, meditating and thinking again you can´t spend so much energy and therefore need less food and sleep!


Tish(Tissione). THe organizer of the whole retreat. An example of awesomeness!

The Retreat brought many young people(25+) together from all kinds of countries: Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovakia, Spain, Jordan, England, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Serbia, Spain….(yeah, I know…what a plague right?! :P) A good mix of different cultures, backgrounds and religions where meditation and the search of Peace was probably the only common link.

The spirit was great! Everybody was supportive and friendly! We could mix moments of inner peace and quiet with laughing and fooling around. Just enough of both to keep our minds relaxed and full of energy at the same time!

We were all “on the same wave” as said in Spanish. Nobody would judge you for your ideas or sensations while meditating or talking about life. People listened, shared and always had some nice words to throw in the conversation. I think that I wouldn´t have been able to get somebody mad in there even if I had woken them all up with a baseball bat….

The whole idea of the retreat was to have time far from technology, work, studies or stress . Just time for ourselves, our inner being and for our friends to all roam aimlessly around the huge temple and garden in sport pants, white shirts and blue slippers looking like pacients at a psiquiatric hospital to be more mindful about our actions and try to still our mind and give it a rest.

The guided meditation sessions, lead by L.P. Pasura, a “real life Buddhist monk” (wow!) improved our state of mind, meditation experience and stilled our mind. This is like sports. The more consistently you do it…the better you get at it…and the more benefits you get. Just imagine. The real Buddhist monks meditate 6 hours a day. I don´t even THINK so many hours a week!

Soon I´ll write a bit more about the retreat and the feelings. Just believe me that it´s impossible to confine the emotions and ideas in small written words and sentences. It just can´t do! But I hope you get the idea of it all!


P.s.1: when I say Retreat all the time…I don´t mean the French kind of Retreat as in running away in every war 😛

P.s.2: The word Sabai means something like “calm and concentrated/awake” in Thai. There was no good translation as the monk told us but hey..close enough…and think about it now we know…1…2..3..4..   ONE word in Thai! Congrats! 😉

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