Meditation Retreat II, the Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

Ok, all of you who know me a little bit know how sceptic I am about everything and how I don´t easily believe what I´m told. Many of you might even have heard me get stressed out when I talk about religion and faith-based beliefs. If so…sorry! I get passionate about it… 😛

So, with this idea in my head I´ve attended the most hippy/alternative/”idea feliz” event I can imagine, last week in Belgium: the Peace Revolution European Meditation Retreat. I have to admit I believed I would be surrounded by 25 hardcore hippies talking about Love, the Creator, Peace and reaching the Nirvana 24-7. I was getting my arguments ready to confront all these nice and beautiful ideas with realistic down to earth arguments. I was already thinking of using the “SCIENCE B*TCH!” comeback whenever I could.


What i thought: United Hippy Congress

Things didn´t go as I expected. All the participants were down to Earth, used logical arguments and had their feet on the ground. No weird things. Some were more spiritual and some less, some more into meditation and some less, some religious and others weren´t. Still all conversations were lucid, calm and intelligent.

Ok, so we did blow bubbles in the wind, were hugging each other all the time and did other “hippy” things but that´s not where I´m going! 😛

Meditation, for all I knew, was good for people´s bodies. Scientifically proven. No weird belief explanations needed. Meditation makes your blood pressure go down and is good for your heart. No surprise there. Science is with me…I thought.

But I have felt, since I meditate, that I have a stronger will power. I am calmer. I think of things from a different perspective and without letting passion or half-truth´s determine my decisions. I am happier and more ready to express my feelings….which after meditation really seemed to explode! I had the weird feeling that I sleep better(I have a sleep disorder which sucks ass), my memory works better and I am better at organizing myself and the plans I make.

Hmmmm just feelings. Science hasn´t ever proven this…right? So why would I believe it? A feeling? That´s dumb. That I feel it doesn´t make it true. Maybe I WANTED to believe it and therefore felt it…

But in the Retreat I learnt a whole load of things from other volunteers, specially Mirjam a Croatian Psicology student,  and the Buddhist monk L.P. Pasura (No, not Linkin Park Pasura. I don´t really know what the L.P. is but it´s definitely, and sadly, not Linkin Park).

lp pasura

Linkin Pa…. Whatever. Pasura

Seems that all these feelings I felt and thought were just my imagination are true. Aham…but faith based..right? WRONG. Science based. Science has proven, more than 3000 years after Buddhism teached it and more thousands of years after meditation started to be practiced, that meditation is good not only for your physical body and health, but also for your brain, your mind and your feelings.

Don´t call bullshit on me before I explain it!!! Scientists have shown that people who meditate, in comparison with people who dont, are happier and live longer. Scientists have found that meditating works parts of your brain that have to do with empathy, feelings and emotions, control of your body, intelligence, self-control, executive functions, attention, working memory, multi-tasking, consciousness and a long etc.

This is just a list. You can find books and scientific articles that explain exactly how this works. I don´t understand all the “prefrontal cortex bla bla bla” and all those complex words but I have to say…if I was waiting for science to put it´s signature on the benefits of meditation to start believing what I felt…well…I got what I asked for!


Left, Vladka. We talked about capturing a Monkey in Madagascar. Right, Mirjam the Psicology student. Awesome conversations.

Many enlightened people meditated. Eastern religions have been using meditation as a path of self-development for thousands of years. Science is now backing up what oriental tradition has known all along.

But don´t take it from me! Be sceptic, like I always am, and don´t believe me. The monk, Linkin Park Pausra L.P Pasura said the same. Don´t believe it just because you hear it.  Try it out…and experience it. Then you might know what I´m talking about.


P.s. If you have any questions or comments about meditation you can comment bellow or shoot me an email( I’m NOT an expert. I´m a newb but I have learnt quite a lot and know how Peace Revolution works. 😉

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One Response to Meditation Retreat II, the Power of Meditation

  1. wow I still can’t belive you actually went to the retreat, that you are actually meditating….how are you keeping up with it now that you’re back?

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