After finishing my Phd in Business Administration I kind of feel I have lost an objective in my life. Untill now my whole life was focused on getting done with the study and having a certificate in my hands. It took long…but I´ve got it!

But Business Administration wasn´t my first option. Nor my second option. Or the third… Hell…it must´ve been like my sixth option! The other ones I listed before Business Administration like History, Tourism, Economy, International Relations, Schoolteaching were “not good enough for employment and the future” in my parents´ and teachers´ words. Therefore I skipped all those options and went with the study I finally did.

I remember well that after my first face-first crash, my first University year, and my Erasmus year which was almost as disastrous I thought “well…if you wanted a moment to re-think what you are studying…here it is!”. Again, pressure and the time I had already lost made me think “what the hell” and just press on.

But I couldn´t get the thought out of my head….WHAT IF… Maybe I would have liked another study more. Maybe it would be more interesting for me and therefore easier and less stressful.

I´m proud that I have mended my past “error”. I have enroled for Tourism in the UNED, which is the “distance” University in Spain. I can do the exams almost wherever I am and study at my own pace. I am going to learn one of those things I wanted to learn. Travel shouldn´t be a hindrance for these studies anymore.

Plus I´ve found a real practical way of studying short courses on the internet which are very interesting with the Edx platform (https://www.edx.org/) with which I´ll study Behavioural Economics(University of Toronto) for 6 weeks and a course on Unblocking the immunity to change, a psicology course.

Seems that I don´t have to forget about the continuation of learning just because I want to travel. I have found a system that will work for me! Only problem is thay I´ll need more time on the damn computer!

This is an important step for me. Im mending a past wrong decision. I thought it was behind me and it would forever be a thing I´d regret in a way…but I´ve been brave enough to find a solution and think of my future happiness.

Life is a process in which we learn new things constantly. Learning makes you happy. Proven. Even if you don´t want to you will still learn new things. Be open minded and let your brain soak up all the new info and knowledge from any source: Colledge, friends, books, videos, strangers, documentaries, or even the Tv or radio…

maybe one of the most valuables leasons I HAVE TOUGHT myself…



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4 Responses to Learning…

  1. Eveli says:

    I really like this post. It’s probably the best things I’ve read in your blog so far. Keep going and I will keep my fingers crossed for you to succeed in whatever matters for you the most.

  2. mdog32 says:

    Congrats on getting your Phd!! I have my Assoc Accounting Degree and have no idea what to take for my bachelor’s degree. I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up! ~gina

    • Rafa says:


      I think so many of us are in the same situation. I just hope not to cower down and accept this mantra that sais “well, real life coming up…all that I thought before was a stupid idealist dream”.

      I trully believe we can take a decision that will make us happier in the future!

      I hope to hear/read from you soon! Let me know how it´s going!
      Take care Gina!!! 😉

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