The 3 most improtant questions of your Life!

A friend of mine sent me this video which makes you think of your personal direction and what you really want of life in a simple 3 question way. Easy, quick and enlightening.

I think that if we can waste 13 minutes of our time to play candy crush we can definately invest 13 minutes of our time in finding out more of ourselves.

Give it a try! I liked the experience very much!

Get a piece of paper ready and a pen! 😉

p.s. I seem to have to remind people that this will not change their lives! It´s just a way to find out more about yourselves! :P:P:P

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4 Responses to The 3 most improtant questions of your Life!

  1. mdog32 says:

    Ok, I just finished the video and I did write down my answers. I found the contributions question to be the hardest. I’m just not too sure what to do with this now. I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve been in my career 18 years and am only 34 years old. I’m burnt out, tired and have nothing left to give. Every day I fake it until I make it and it’s wearing on me. I hope I can find something that I am as good at as what I do now, but find a career I love, have fun at, learn new things, not get bored and work for a company who actually values their employees and treats them fair and equitably. ~Gina

    • Rafa says:

      Hey Gina!

      I had the same trouble as you. It was sometimes dificult to seperate the “what do you want to contribute” to “what do you want to do” categories.

      I guess this is just a exercise which, through applying speed and a bit of tension, makes you write down what your brain thinks about most in life.

      The few things we had time to write about in each category must have a big importance to us, even if we don´t know it, if we suddenly stuble over them while doing this exercise.

      You are ready to make a jump. Like I am, I think. Every set-back helps us learn. We are ready to find a teaching in every problem. We are ready!

      Just keep motivation up by reading articles and books that inspire you. Get your close friends and family involved in this. Tell them whats on your mind!

      Let me know how it all rolls out! It´ll go well, for sure! 😉

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