Now I FINALLY know my next step! It start´s with a “T” and ends in…

                         Oh God oh God oh God

f*ck    f*ck   f*ck    f*ck   f*ck    f*ck    f*ck    f*ck    f*ck    f*ck 

I´m really nervous while I´m typing this because I´m still half confused and half freaking out! Just to try to calm down I set a “happy” playlist on youtube(which sucks btw) and started to juggle. I almost threw one of the balls through the roof…

Ok. So the big story is that I´ve finally been officialy accepted to the Peace Revolution Fellowship in December…… in ……. in Thailand.

….Wholly shit….

And I´ve spoken to my parents about it. All the money I´ve saved up  + my birthday money are going to be for buying my flight to Thailand…and….back? No way… NO WAY! It can be a stepping stone! I can use Thailand as a stepping stone to start moving around…to….to Australia for example?! Yeah that would be epic!

wait what…!?

I´m still baffled. I need to relax…but I´m not going to read this through before publishing it. Whatever!

My parents are “ok” with the idea. My mother almost burst out crying. My father only thought about all the technical problems I have to start thinking about. My big brother just kept on playing on Fb. My mother wants to kill me for missing Christmas in Spain which is so very important here as a family thing. And then she tried to hold back her tears when I couldn´t answer her question:

“when would you be back…..?”

Oh God. Now I have a crazy month ahead of me full of preparations and saying bye to people. How many things do I have to prepare!? It´s nuts! Where do I start?! Oh f*ck.

I´m going back to juggling a while!


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8 Responses to Now I FINALLY know my next step! It start´s with a “T” and ends in…

  1. Andreas Taylor says:

    Wow that’s great bro. I wish i didn’t worry about the future and retirement or something. I would want it to be long-term, not a short adventure but a long one. The nomad mind-set is where i am at now but i just get caught up on fears maybe.. Go for it bro, no fear for you!

    • Rafa says:

      I´m sure you will do something soon dude. Last time we talked you seemed you were going to swim to spain or germany. You are ready. Just keep on motivating youserlf. Read inspiring stories. Watch inspiring movies and you´ll get there!

  2. Eveli says:

    DUDE; THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Liina Helme says:

    This is soooooo EXCITING!!! I’m glad I didn’t read your post before going to sleep last night :P…thailand, wow, wow, wow, wowadie, wow, wow….it’s goonnnna be sooooo goood x)

  4. mdog32 says:

    CONGRATS!!! I’d be freaking out too!! I say go for it, why not, what have you got to lose? ~gina

    • Rafa says:

      thanks for the support! I bought the flights so…there is no turning back. That is one hell of a way to make sure you do it I guess! Buff…T minus 25 days….!

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