Now that I´m calm. What the hell am I going to do in Thailand?!

Before Yesterday I felt like a huge bomb had come crashing into my room through the roof and was about to explode. I couldn´t believe my eyes! I had been chosen to go to Thailand on a Meditation Retreat after having attended the European Fellowship just a month ago….
By the way! Thanks again Peace Revolution!

Suddenly I was picturing the map of South East Asia in my head and thinking how cool it would be to make this my first stepping stone to travel around. I´d have a chance to try out my nomadic lifestyle!!!

I could make some money! Travel around! Maybe go to Australia to make the dough! YEAH! WHY NOT!?


I´ve read that I have to get used to giant snakes, spiders and bugs..

And then I went to sleep…(Ok, I tried. I couldn´t get to sleep)

Upon waking up my mind went from 0 to 200km/h in a second while it fetched all those crazy ideas back and started to make my thoughts go eeeeeeeeeverywhere again.

I had to calm down and start thinking rationally. Am I going to Thailand? YES. Am I going to Australia? Who knows? How would I go?! Am I going to travel around? Well…I don´t know. How would I do it?

The only one thing that is clear to me is that I´m going to Thailand on the Meditation Retreat organized by Peace Revolution from the 14th to the 28th of December. After that I only had my “dreamer” ideas: Australia, making money, traveling, workaway, teaching English or Spanish, working at a local NGO, working holidays, etc.

So let´s just go step by step I thought to myself. I´ll get a substantial economic help to get to Tailand (and back…eventually) from the Peace Revolution organization. I´d be living in a Buddhist island-temple off the East coast of Thailand for 14 days practicing meditation and mindful living surrounded by paradise like nature.


Can´t wait to live something like this!

Then when the Retreat is over I´d have one night to stay there and then I´d have to move on. But where to? So here comes the idea of working away somewhere in an NGO or school for some time to give me time to help out and discover the Thai culture. But how should I do this? Now I have to start searching for platforms with which I can find these kind of jobs.……

Then afterwards I´d like to go to Australia some months to work and discover the “little island”. Wow. Another stupid idea…but it sounds SO GREAT! What if I actually could? So I´ve been asking around and investigating. Maybe…JUST MAYBE I can….,, etc

I´ve called the Dutch Embassy, the Sanish Embassy and the Thai Embassy as well. I´ve called the University. I have 10.000 documents to copy, to send, to get signed… this month is for sure going to be crazy…!

Now let´s see if I can get this done guys! The “big trip North” from Into the Wild will be my trip to Thailand and whatever I can make of it from then on…. let´s just hope it doesn´t end in the same way, right?

Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Now that I´m calm. What the hell am I going to do in Thailand?!

  1. Isa says:

    Esta entrada merece una banda sonora a la altura: 🙂

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