A nice long ride with a racist brain dead franquist filo Nazi

So, as always, people ask me if I´ve ever hitch hiked and had a bad experience. Have you ever felt scared or menaced? Was it ever a dangerous experience? What about with “organized” hitch hiking?

Well the answer is NO…unless we count a 5 hour journey with a Hungarian truck driver trying to prepare us some coffee on a portable gas bottle while driving 80km/h on the speedway and the whole cabin smelling like gas.

But I am going to delight hitch hiking haters and critics by accepting that I got into the car with a total brain dead. A few days ago I came back from Madrid with Blablacar.es. It´s the Spanish Mitfahrengelegenheit.de or carpooling.com.

If you don´t know what this is it´s the “organized” version of hitch hiking. People say where they are going and you can pitch in some money for gas to go with them. Cheaper than the bus or the train, quicker and mostly a lot of fun!

You can see people´s profiles and choose who to go with. So I did. But car pooling profiles, just like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc profiles, have one huge problem: they are full of shit. And when they don´t just tell blunt lies they can always fail to tell some interesting things about the person that you´d want to know beforehand.

So this happened to me. The guy driving, let´s call him “Mr. X” “Mr. Shit-for-brains”, is a semi professional boxer, ex-military Ultra Sur. Now don´t get me wrong. I don´t care if somebody is from the military. My own father is an Army man and has been so his whole life(and he is ooooold). I also don´t care if you are a boxer or not. It´s just as good as any sport. But Ultra Sur is something different.

For those who aren´t into football, ultra violence movements, etc I´ll explain. Ultra Sur is the name that Real Madrid Hooligans get because they are always in the “Fondo Sur” or the Southern side of Real Madrid´s Stadium, el Santiago Bernabeu. These “nice chaps” are the kind of people who wave NAZI flags and Franquist Flags during the matches, scream at black people and look for fights before or after the match.

These are the same people who try to stop any demonstration that defends the rights of homosexuals, immigrants or foreigners or even women. They are the ones against the “Ley de Memoria Historica” (easy to translate, huh?) with which the former Government wanted to help people find their dead relatives who were murdered by one or the other faction during the Spanish civil war because they know “their side” was quite much better at shooting, raping and looting.

ultras 2

They hate people from Cataluña or the Basque country because some parts of the population of those regions want to be independent from Spain. They hate anything that has to do with Socialism, Unions, other religions that are not Cristian Catholic, etc
They praise our ex-Dictator, Francisco Franco, who kept Spain in a religious dictatorship for over 35 years.

I really don´t care what people think about politics. You can be socialist or conservative. Pro or anti regulation. Pro or anti secession from Spain (some Basques, Catalans or even Gallegos). You can make a point and even convince me of many things.

But you have to start shivering when you hear a guy with half of Real Madrid´s players tatooed on his legs telling you that last week he had brought 3 “cockroaches” and one “terrorist” from Madrid to Valencia in his car, also with blablacar. When he said “Cockroaches” he of course meant black people and when he said “terrorist” he meant a Basque person.


Scary to think that this kind of brain dead is one of the guys the Spanish society gives an automatic weapon to protect the country if the need is there. These Neo Nazis believe black people and South Americans are an inferior race, Basques and Catalans are “traitors” to the Nation, homosexuals are filth, socialists and republicans are “the enemy” and so on and so forth.

He was even happy to admit that he wasn´t by far the only one who had these points of view in the Spanish Army. Yuppiii! I know a few of them myself. If this doesn´t make me feel safe, what will, right?!

I actually shouldn´t even be surprised that he had to go to court because of punching two guys to the ground breaking one guy´s nose and the other guy´s jaw during a football match.

I am not even writing this to make a point, I think. It was just on my head and I had to spit it out. It pisses me off to know how people can hate othersor want to legislate their private lives for such a stupid reason as who they like, where they are from, what football team they support, etc.

Whatever…just…what a retard.

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