Whisky thoughts

And here I am…


Living an experience I really wanted/needed. I’m sitting down on the grass next to the amazing lake near the village I teach English in. Just chilling. Reading a little bit and waiting for the whisky to wear off. This damn Hong Thong Thai whisky will make my meditation more like a roller coaster experience than an enlightening one. How long does it take for this damn whisky to get out of my system?!

If you are asking yourself “Whisky at 15h of the afternoon?!”. Well, it’s not ENTIRELY my fault. I hitched a ride to get to the lake from my village. The first car stopped and I got up in the back of the 4×4 with an old man.

He offered me whisky. I think in all countries it’s impolite to say no. So there is my excuse! But either I’ve become a pussy when it comes to drinking whisky or the old guy really is tough. I’ve only seen the same in an old man in the country made of alcohol, Polska.

Anyway. Long story short: still waiting until I stop feeling dizzy.

Back to the original topic.

the scenery really makes me think. Like everything lately does, I guess. Maybe it’s also because of listening to the “Inception” soundtracks. Or maybe because of the book I’m reading. Or maybe I just need a little more Whisky…or a little less.

Now I’m far away from “home”…wherever that is. But I’m not the only one traveling. Tons of friends are moving around now and don’t know when they’ll go back home. Some friends are even getting married in some months (gasp!) and might move somewhere else. Other people just slowly fade out of your life because of the distance or whatever.

Normally I’d feel very sad about this. Many of these people are good friends. But it’s normal. It’s just the way it goes. And I have to feel happy that one day they were a part of my life and they shared wisdom and experiences with me.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t try to visit old friends that are far away but there are some people that I will let go slowly. Our lives crossed each other’s path for days, months or years but our stories, for the moment, belong to the past.

I’m saying this in a happy/content way. Not sad. Happy as hell for having had them next to me, sharing stories and experiences and enriching each other’s lives.

Who knows, maybe the future will bring us to another point where our roads will meet again.

Thanks for the memories!

Aaaah. Now I feel better. Although…I might as well get another whisky with the old guy…?

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