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Step by step on my road to self-development and happiness!

the most beautiful city in the World and my weirdest pose! Prague!


My name is Rafael van Oppen Ardanaz, but people just call me “Rafa”. Easy-peasy! I am a young travel enthusiast and eternally curious searcher. I am trying to find my own path in life while I search for happiness. Sounds cheesy..but it´s the most important thing one can do for himself in his life…

I began this blog for a couple of reasons: first of all I wanted to have something to come back to when I´m older to maybe laugh at myself or maybe say “well…I did it! I lived up to my expectations and dreams!”.

But the most important thing for me is to try to help motivate and inspire others who are in the same situation as I am myself…this crazy and scary turning point where we are about to or have finished our studies and have to make “the Real Decision” which will mark our future happiness or sorrow. I don´t do this as a teacher although I am trying to practice what I preach and become an example for others who are (hopefully not as) scared just as I am…


My life was a long string of “first days” in new schools, meeting new people and loosing my friends every few months or years, and moving around from country to country. I admit that my personal situation has made me ready for making scary jumps(except bunjee jumping! agh!) and steps into no-mans land. In the recent future I have had to take many of these steps and swallow down my fear.

We all have dreams. Some very quickly learn the social “mantra”: Dreams are DREAMS for a reason and will only lead you to a big crash with REALITY“. Others spend years talking about them just to coward down in the first real “fight” and accept something they dont even like for their future. Others fight for as long as possible to make the most of the short miracle that life is. Others go even further and become the kind of people we boundlesly envy. But we don´t accept their help and advice. We just repeat “He was just lucky…that can´t happen to someone like ME.”

I´m putting my own pride on stake saying that I´d like to be like the latest. Nobody ever had success with such a noble enterprise without risk. But as long as I can inspire one, JUST ONE, person, to think it over and try to face the fact that they are not being who they WANT TO BE this will be worth it.

first succesful Hitch hiking trip to Covadonga, Asturias, Spain!

My own dreams are hard to explain in simple words and change in time, like anybody else´s. Be 100% happy, continue learning, live a peaceful examplary life and travel, travel, travel and help people to be happier….. Well….that was easier than I thought! 😉

For the moment I can say that I´m taking the RIGHT decisions and am therefore proud of myself. This is something that is not always easy to say! I have risked and won many “little internal battles” about what to do and where to go. To try or not to try. I haven´t won all of them but I´m sure not wasting my time and efforts in the wrong direction!

weird things happen during the Oktoberfest

If you are an avid traveler or a person looking for some extra inspiration and ideas for life…maybe you can find this blog interesting. I´m not going to lecture anybody. I just want to give people a chance to find that little extra motivation that pushes them from a still stance to starting to move.

So, if you are one of these people, young or old, but close or at one of these inflexion points in life maybe you can also help ME out and write in the “Let´s inspire each other” section . I´m eternally grateful to everybody who has suscribed and who tries to help other people and make this a better World.



cant stop dreaming awake

Travel light. Live light. Be the light.


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  1. Hi Rafa,
    Here is a link to my blog post, hope it works, I’ve never sent a link on here yet.Lol.

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