Matches burn quick and bright.

A match burns quick and bright

I feel like a match. Matches burn desperately, quickly and then are burnt out and gone.

I’m going to begin the real adventure of my journey.

Now comes the hard part.

I’ve traveled around Thailand and had my fair share of party and fun as well as meditation and thinking. I’ve been able to fit a whole lot of things in these two months. From learning card tricks to running down a waterfall national park, from crashing with my motorcycle to spending days on end reading and meditating. From eating a scorpion to hitch hiking around without knowing where I’d be let out.

But now comes the big deal. A desperate stand-off between Australian prices and my crippled economy.

The chances of failure are big. I even had a nightmare yesterday about not having enough funds and having to raise the white flag.

Huge red numbers are all I dream about. I mean…”nightmare about”. Whatever.

Despite the chances of failure, doing it anyway make me feel nervous in a good way. It’s a long shot to believe I can survive in Australia weeks without a job when I look in my wallet. But this is what I knew I was heading for. A fuckin’ adventure, mate.

Like a match, I’ll try to burn slowly but probably will burn out much quicker than I imagine. I’ll have to use all those little travel tricks I’ve learnt to keep the fire burning just long enough to find a way to make money there. It’s going to be a real race against time!

Oh Spaghetti Monster, deliver me from Evil (Australian prices).


Action plan: don’t become a broke hobo.

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3 Responses to Matches burn quick and bright.

  1. Liina Helme says:

    I know if I’d be in your situation and looking at the facts then fear of becoming a hobo would be big…but being me and looking at your situation I have absolutely no doubt that you’re gonna have an awesome adventure and that the universe will deliver you just enough of what you’ll need 😉

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