Inspirational Story! My Pilzner Urquell crazy friend Martin JouJou Slapak!

Hi everyone. I am Martin from Pilsen, Czech Republic. I am 24 year old lawyer working for West Bohemia University. I am so honoured that I have met my dear friend Rafael in Poland during Summer University in 2013. I has been on of the most important moments of my life! Really!
Before that, I have been stocked boy for two years, I haven´t felt no passion for travelling and meeting new friends and people. Rafael reopened this part of my life, because for my first SU in Holland I have met and made a lot of friends, but that was 4 years ago. When I have first met Rafael, I have been totally shocked for his nature and personality. I totally loved that. He is free minded, friendly, real gentleman and animal party boy. I have said, I want to be like him!!! I have taken some speech with Rafael about women, travelling and life rules. And during that I have made decision to go out and be a real traveller. I have spent the best week in my life after SU thanks to Rafael. I tried to honour his thoughts and it was fucking awesome.


So I made the decision. I traveled around by myself around south czech republic without nothing. I had only basic points. My first stop was Český Krumluv (Hostel). I have met great people there. I said, you are totally free, try everything!!! Like supertramp!!! I have had great „time“ in hostel via watching on the krumluv´s castle with an australian girl. It wasn´t possible before SU. Then I travel to Tábor and kept on the move  . Another slepless nights. So, I recommend to everyone, fell Rafa´s way of life, you will enjoy your life, totally! You are great man Rafael.


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