Rafa Rafa Rafa…what do you expect from all this “Blogging stuff”

A couple of months after starting this blog I have finally heard the nº1 blogger question.

-“What are you in this for?”

I´ve only heard it a few times…but normally in a very negative, condescending way.

-“Rafa…what the heck do you think you are doing? What do you want to get out of this…?”

Most of the people I personally know and I have talked to about this blog already know. I´m better at explaining this in person than writing about it. But hell…just in case I didn´t explain well… What AM I actually “in this” for…? 

Let´s shake off some of the typical ones:

-Im not in this for the money. Hey! Who would say “no” to living off of a blog? Nobody I´d guess. But let´s be realistic…I doubt I´ll be like NomadicMatt or WanderingEarl anytime soon. I´d love to…but I wont. Let´s say that having just 70 suscribers and 1000+ views a month I´m as close to living off of my blog as I am of being the new President of the Republic of Mongolia. Almost as far… I guess I even have more chances of the 2º option…

So, would it be epic? Yeah. Definitely! Do I trust in this happening this life? No. Maybe in my 254th re-encarnation…but not this one..!

-I´m not here to impress anyone with my travels  like someone once suggested. Not at all. And let me explain. I don´t travel half as much as I´d like to. We all have different objectives traveling…and I´m far from my own. Someone can be just as much as a travelfreak as I am traveling 2 countries a year or 2 a week.

I mean..would I go through all this effort just for something so low? I´d rather brag about my MagicCard collection. (Ok guys, relax, I don´t buy them anymore. Just relax…!)

-I´m not in this because I have too much free time. Just…no way.  I always have too many things to do. I hardly have time for myself. As soon as I have finished one task…I have another 5 waiting. It´s my lifestyle I guess. I love it. I hate it! I love to hate it…

-“Ok rafa!!! Enough of games! GET TO IT!”

Yeah yeah! So the reason I do this is (get your eyes ready for a full eye roll!)…..is….Inspiring people. Yep. Did we get the full Eye roll? Half eye roll is ok too!

Yep, inspiring people.

I´ve learnt that the biggest problem I have in achieving what I want is motivation. Not only is it difficult to get but it also wears out quickly! And achieving what you want gets you closer to being the person you want. Nobody trains something they don´t want.

The problem is: to do something you need motivation. To get up and get a cup of coffee and a Donut…you might have more than enough. But what about getting up and doing something that scares you. Getting out of your comfort zone. You need the “push” that makes you finally do it…right?

Everything works with motivation. Studying, doing sports, traveling, you name it! And motivation comes when you get inspired by something!

So do I consider myself a huge example or inspiration? Well…NO…and yet again…yes…?

I´m not WanderingEarl. That´s quite clear. I haven´t been traveling for 7 years. But that´s exactly why!

I´m just like any person who is reading this. I have the huge awesome ideas but am still at home. I plan on doing all kinds of travels but don´t have the plane tickets yet. I have searched out some equipment but am still penniless. Big plans, one Phd under my arm, some languages and a whole lot of doubts.

I wont lie to the few people who read this because I think you are now an important part of my life: I´m scared. Not scared of the world but of myself giving in to the pressure…

That´s why I have a section about people who inspire ME and can be an example to all! I might be a “little” inspiration for people in my same situation…just on the edge…ready to make a jump but still with their feet on the ground…not in the sky yet!

That´s why I´m trying to push my way to being the person I want to be..and live the life I want to live. All my decisions are going in that direction. Just for people to believe me:

I have said “no” to several good job offers that would bind me here although they pay well. I donated all but 100 of the “things” I owned(read the 100 things challenge articles) and can put almost all in my backpack.


I have cut my expenses to a string which only consists of traveling equipment and beer.. I work without a contract making less money than I could just to be able to jump when the decision and opportunity is there. I meditate to become more mindful and ready to be on my own…and still happy and satisfied. I´ve learnt to hitch hike and travel on 5euros a day..

I´m building a lifestyle…

I´m learning to live low but make the best out of it. And I´m not anyone special. I´m just inspired and motivated to push on…like any one of you could be. That´s the idea of this whole thing!

And if you think about it..that´s all I write about in this blog. Inspiration. Inspiration through traveling. Lists of movies that inspire! List of inspirational books! Inspiration through Meditation! People who inspire! Ideas and videos that inspire!

Inspire for what?

To make us make a decision which might change our lives…for the better. Live this one shot we have on Earth as we really would want to independent of pressure, critic and set-backs.


So, yes, hippy as it might sound…this blog is to inspire others and to help keep the pressure on myself!

Therefore if there is anyone who has a story to tell, contact me(rafa.voa@gmail.com or on Fb) and help spread this spirit. Please comment your ideas and LIKE if you think this is worth “Liking”…. and share if you think it´s worth “Sharing”. 

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6 Responses to Rafa Rafa Rafa…what do you expect from all this “Blogging stuff”

  1. Maggie Nazer says:

    I think you are doing a great job sharing your experiences, letting people know about opportunities and just showing an example of active living and pursuit of happiness and self-development. Don’t ever think people don’t appreciate it! I do!

    • Rafa says:

      Thanks so much maggie!
      Like always you find some great words to encourage people! You are kind of like the guy from the video “validation”! 😛

  2. mdog32 says:

    I wish I could be more spontaneous like you. I wish I could just pick up and go where the wind takes me. I’m so scheduled. I’m working on my “control issues” always having to plan every part of my day/week/month/life. I’ve had a couple job interviews which could have taken me to the east coast or the south west. I wanted the east coast job so bad and was crushed when I found out the money wouldn’t be there, not enough to move for. The other job in the southeast would have been a good pay increase but not the state I wanted to move to. I was actually hoping they didn’t pick me, and they didn’t. which I am ok with. I too put a ton of pressure on myself and when I don’t meet my own expectations I’m let down. I’m working on that too. I just want to find a job/career that I love, people I enjoy working with/being around and making good money at the same time. I used to love my job and I don’t anymore and that is sad. I’ve been in my field for 18 years, it’s half of my life and I’m so bored I just want out of this field completely and to find something different to do, which I’m having a hard time doing. Whew, I sure wrote a lot, but it was just pouring out of my fingers. Thanks for letting me vent. ~Gina

    • Rafa says:

      Sorry for the late answer! I was visiting friends!

      I´m not an expert in the matter but I see you are really looking for ways to improve your life and you are actively trying to change the things you don´t like. You see them and look for a solution. That´s already more than many people can say! Congrats!

      I´ve read a bit about the issue and people who are doing things they don´t want to usually have “little crises” every now and then. It´s a way that the brain tells us “wake up! This isn´t what you wanted for yourself!”. I think that you know what I mean.

      I´m sure you will make some good changes in your life. I have changed a lot. I have seen the things I wanted to change and did it. You are on the same road.

      I´m convinced you are going to live more like you want to very soon. A person who can be so open and honest about herself will be able to change the things she doesn´t like. Just let me know how it´s going from here on…!

      Good luck! And keep me posted! ;);););)

  3. Hey Rafa, you wrote this one well 😉

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